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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 19:25

Quiet neighborhood of the orphanage Response

Quiet neighborhood of the orphanage Response
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To be made by an educational institution in Bingöl dormitory, has caused the reaction of the parish .

Bingöl news: To be made by an educational institution in Bingöl dormitory, has caused the reaction of the parish . Parking area of the country that made ​​you want to be residents of the neighborhood , work by blocking the action did.
Bingol Yeşilyurt belonging to the Regional Directorate of Foundations in the neighborhood of 4 thousand 693 square meters of land, in 2013, a 49-year build-operate-transfer model was put out to tender . Murat bidder along with three companies won the tender Educational Institutions . After receiving tenders for university students in the area who want to make a special dorm Murat Educational Institutions officials met with the response of the neighborhood . Excavations started in the morning trying to prevent residents of the neighborhood were collected in the field . Construction machinery that hinder the parish , in the area argued that the park needs to be done . In the meantime, located in the area between firms and local authorities , there was tension for a short time . Authorities had to leave the field .
Statement on behalf of the residents in the area gathered in Yesilyurt headmen Turhan waterfall, park in the area wanted to make dorm instead . Bingol all neighborhoods parks despite Yesilyurt neighborhood park that Cagle stated , \"It's empty is a land . Plot with parking for making ministers , gentlemen , deputy mayor and governor told all information is available. This is the park said let's . Authorities us'here is not ours , Regional Directorate of Foundations belongs to ,'they said . Thereupon repeatedly Regional Directorate of Foundations've searched . them to us in'an organization wants data'they said . , but of an earlier era mayor congregants for being interested. Finally the existing municipal with the president talked , and he tried to do , he said. But these school here, they want to do , we are against school're not . But around our schools and hospitals are full. parish children on the road playing . things do not exist, where the kids would play ? us have no right to such a service ? us and those close to us Mirza neighborhood here along with eight thousand of the population over there . school students and hospital workers , except they benefit from this service , \"he said .
\" MIDDLE there is no irregularity \"
Quarter press release that relates to the events in Bingol Katanalp Izzet Murat Educational Institutions Chairman of the land in Diyarbakir tender issued by the Regional Directorate of Foundations , he said. They had won the tender and signed a contract stating that they Katanalp 10 June 2013 , private residence for university students in the area said they wanted to do . Katanalp , \"Murat Educational Institutions as tender we won. Auction's license got the excavation permit have received . These land surface area of ​​4 thousand 693 square meters. Today to start work we wanted. Neighborhood residents and neighborhood headman our work prevented . Study could not do . This can work to the Provincial Governor and have made the necessary applications to the City Police Department . Laws that we want to use our rights , \"he said .
students'housing problems to resolve work you want to start recording what Katanalp , said:
\"Land in the study by'd like to finish . Allah grant if , since 2015 finishing think. We continue construction while the annual media 6 thousand TL rent are paying . Civil finished years of 163 thousand pounds rent will pay. 49 years here , we rented the residents of the studies do not even we want to . Excavation work from the municipality taken . illegal anything not mentioned . \"

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