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  • 17 Ağustos 2013, Cumartesi 19:30

R4bi4 sign and means

R4bi4 sign and means
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Square massacre and anti-coup demonstrations in Egypt, where the symbol Rabiatül Adevviye the four-finger " Rabia mark" was. So, what's the point to the Prime Minister dabugün Bursa what does it mean?

in Arabic,"the fourth, four-,"meaning"Rabia"the word became a symbol of Egypt anti-coup resistance. Who a few hours before the massacre, thousands of people with their hands Rabiatul Adeviyye Square"four"to inform the world çalışıtı posts by mark. Recent photos and images taken by the Anatolian ajas who was subjected to a few hours after the intervention of the army. Unknown what happened to the people.

Anti-coup demonstrations in Egypt, where Rabiatul Adeviyye Square was followed closely by the whole world. Hundreds of thousands of square filled up Tahrir Square became famous thanks to the resistance which lasted nearly two months Rabiatul Adeviyye Square massacre, one of the largest non-witnessed in recent years. Number of hundreds of people still can not be determined exactly an obscure aspect of the square, which appeared in the grave.

Name of the square, a devout Muslim woman named Rabiatul Adeviyye inspired to be put in place, and because of the name of the fourth child per family Rabiatul laid Adeviyye. Known throughout his life Adeviyye Rabiatul the freedom struggle. Egyptians along with demonstrations of the meaning of this name has caused the emergence of a new symbol. Adeviyye Rabiatul those in Tahrir Square during his victory sign means a reference to the name and Tahrir'deki Meydanı'ndakiler to disperse protesters with their hands in favor of the four-mark began to blow. Sign gigs are made every day and are known squares and spread throughout Egypt were being used so much a victory sign.

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