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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 17:58

Rahvan Horses'Republic Day'was run for

Rahvan Horses'Republic Day'was run for
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Organized by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality'Traditional Rahvan Running Horses Racing Republic Day'was held in products per .

Bursa news: Organized by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality'Traditional Rahvan Running Horses Racing Republic Day'was held in products per . Ancestry heirloom in the race moved to today's millennial traditions , their awards were given to the winning horses . Photo traditionally organized by the Municipality of Metropolitan and 6'ncısı made ​​'Rahvan Horses Racing'this year was held dedicated to Republic Day . Made in products per'traditional Rahvan Horses Racing was intense interest in the Republic Day Run. Races involving the horses are owned by ambling horse'Go','basalt'on'Greater Middle','Small Medium','stack','Triple Colts','Four foals','Tozkoparan','Indigenous Gallop','Arab canter'and'Imported Rahvan'was held in the categories . All-day race was exciting and colorful scenes . Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu with Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, gave the awards to the winning owner of the ambling horses in races they watched with interest . Citizens of the race was watched with interest . Photo Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, stating that had the honor of claiming all the values ​​and ancestors in the city, \"We will serve our country , we will be having our culture . We're going with all of our value with Ancestor trust. It is not only works , We're going in with our intangible heritage. Ihsan Gur and his team, this sport was revived by intensive labor to the ambling horse culture in Bursa. We will make the most beautiful resort , Ürünlü were prepared in a week for this race. next year this will become a much more beautiful . with the Tribune , will provide the tower with and here all the necessary arrangements with the Turkey's most beautiful facility , \"he said .
the Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu, recalling that it is very important at the Turkish culture, noting that the promotion of horse sports . Karaloğlu, \"Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, next year will make the land of Turkey's best facilities , we are confident . We thank as well as to all matters appointed sport we Bursa Metropolitan Mayor for giving value in the riding ambling horse Recep Altepe ,\"he said . < br/> Bursa Rahvan Equestrian Club President telling the history of Ihsan Gur also ambling horse sports, \"Oguz from the sport horse until today , ambling . the Turks with this ambling horses in the world, had 3 generations. great success obtained with this horse until the Ottomans from Oguz . Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, appeared to have this tradition in Bursa. President , we are experiencing this tradition thanks to the contributions of Altepe'ye , can not thank much to him. the signatories to the important work in every field sports since in Bursa, President Altepe is a chance to Bursa . \"The chief categories Photo Racing Mustafa Erbaş, Mustafa Small , Mehmet Barut, Photo Ibrahim Şerbetçi, the initiator of the category Derya Dağcan , Melih Hint , Mustafa Small , Transfiguration Ersoy , büyükort category Ayhan King, Nihat Erbay, Muhammer Diamond Ali Osman Yilmaz, küçükort category of Moses uncle , Genghis Cenk , Adnan Durmaz, Turgut Özdemir, deck category of cooks Abraham , Derya Dağcan , Muhammer Diamond , Abraham Dinçbaş , 4 foals category Shahab Gursoy, Transfiguration Ersoy , Hussein rowdy , Chef Abraham 3x colt category of Mehmet Emin Demir, Mustafa Tepekule , Enver Age, Halil Gold, Mahmoud Genelioğl in Tozkoparan category , Cakir Efe, Photo Ugur potter , Ismail fly, native canter category Engine Kesdog while Hasan Ozturk, Ali Demir , Gundogan soot , Arab canter category Ulupınar Berat , Dikencik Tariq Ibrahim (Urban Forestry ), Ali Demir and imported ambling category of Judas Sevim, Ahmet Gokce, Hakan Ugur, Ismail Celebi degree pitch. Photo

Rahvan Horses'Republic Day'was run for" comments for.


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