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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 13:45

Rahvan stopped breathing Horse Racing

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In the town of Konya Beysehir , traditionally held ambling horse races from different provinces of Turkey challenging stages to come ambling horses ran first .

Konya news: Partly because of two jockeys feet on the floor covered with mud fell from floating horses .
Beyşehir Municipality SOGLA by Equestrian Sports Club held horse races in the rain continued for about two hours after the stop began. Mud on the floor covered deck, small medium and large , chin , head competitions were held in the categories . Arab and British horses running at the final show in the sweat poured. Rahvan in horse racing , where three horses per race category from the Konya region in the first rope was Mustafa Küçükmeral breasts . Second still from the same region Muammar Diamond while getting muddy ground foot sliding from his horse fell race can not complete the Kütahya region jockey Ismail Donmez the third was announced .
Competition of the last section of the British and Arab horses showed up . Arabian horses running the race with a horse called Emirdag Kadir in Asan, during the race due to the muddy ground at the foot of the fell through as a result of the shift . Jockey falling from horses in races at both their chance of accidents survived unscathed . Rahvan horse race after the completion of the winning jockey, medals , trophies and prize awards Beysehir District Governor Muzaffar Başıbüyük Beyşehir, Youth and Sports, District Manager Mehmet Bayindir , Turkey Traditional Sports Department of the Federation of Traditional sled and sleigh in Charge of Vice President Unal Young , Traditional Sport Federation General Secretary Halit Keles, Konya Rahvan Horse Racing and Breeding Specialized Equestrian Club President Ali Peksemerc Turkey, Rahvan Horse Association Board of Directors Members Erdal Poyrazlar Beyşehir Municipality Equestrian Sports Club Chairman Murat Sezer and by other participants were given .

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