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  • 12 Nisan 2013, Cuma 09:49

Rain Clothing

Rain Clothing
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Maintains in climate-friendly clothing wardrobe, torrential rains do not need to fear!

Air yağışlıysa the rain to gather up a few items from your closet to look like a princess enough.

Rain Dress Up

be able to find an umbrella every size and shape. By the size of your bag, buy an umbrella light and easy to carry. To capture the image of the kind of ignore the place occupied by a large sun umbrella and bold designs, you can try. (Put them in the trunk of the car, at the office, you can leave the lobby.)

Sports Style

The North Face, Columbia and Patagonia companies such as rain, leading companies to develop friendly outfit. This is due to the superior technical fabrics featured climbers, their bodies moving freely in the breath-taking for a long time. Not to mention his clothes to keep out moisture. In recent years, these brands, fashion design department has developed a special style with cutting lines by adding the points collected parts.

Classic Trench Coat


popularized this piece, you must be a fixture in the closet. After all, the rainy weather, it can not be a more appropriate clothing. Jackets wide variety of shapes, and materials found by the body, you can make different choices depending on weather conditions. For example, the air humid, slim body, fitting a waterproof anorak or a raincoat, preventing ıslanmanızı will protect not only your style. If the weather is cool, warm fabric you can choose a trench.

Waterproof Makeup

Do not let it ruin a beautiful view

raindrops. He kind of make-up materials resistant to weather conditions available. Air yağmurluysa, water-resistant for use in all conditions maskaranızla flowing eyeliner'ınızı occurred. Do not use liquid foundation such cases, natural-looking, non-marking wet mineral powders preference.

Select the correct bag

along with everything inside your bag or becomes wet, what can be the meaning of dressing from head to toe çantanızla compatible? Climbers, this situation çözüyorlar waterproof materials and a resealable plastic bags. You can also cell phone, iPod, or even your wallet even for the use of these materials. If plastic bags are not for you, there is good news; made of PVC backpacks you can buy stylish rain.

Rainy weather
You can also use your favorite leather bag, the only provider you go to a store that sells sporting goods to take sprays to protect from rain
apply. But before your bag does not appear, spray a small section of the test
Make sure that the result of the beğenmeyeceğimizden liked (and of course, unwanted product
does not leave stains on your left).

About the Author: Mariel Chua, EM is a freelance writer and editor, at the same time Seventeen EM and Cosmopolitan magazine international edisyonlarında as the editor of beauty
worked. In addition, The Style Glossy 'EM essays are often the Turkish edition.

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