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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:55

Rain in November from the Osmangazi Municipality Service

Rain in November from the Osmangazi Municipality Service
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To build a more modern and livable Osmangazi health , sports, education in fields ranging from transportation investments are Osmangazi Municipality , will change the face of a district in November will open in a service project .

Bursa news: Photo implemented as last semester project with 166 thousand lived in the golden age of Osmangazi district , are the final sprint continue to serve in the new era . Osmangazi Municipality , Bağlarbaşı Station in November , Ertugrul Scott Sports Facility , Mehmet Akif Neighborhood Knowledge House , Doğanev are Overpass , Fair Stone Bridge , Hamid Off Market Place , Demirtas Trap Plants, Fair Sports Complex , Altınova Sports Facility and Work Area Parks expand services by opening will add value to the district .
to facilitate people's lives , Osmangazi stating that they build project Turkey will make the shining star of Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar, \"we realized last period Osmangazi important services in the municipality. in the new era increased our service goes on . our investment will change the face of our District will present the opening of the service of our citizens performing in November . we have much work to do in Osmangazi . we continue , especially in densely our work on urban transformation. with urban renewal project that we launched in Onions will start the conversion in Bursa. not only Onions , surrounding neighborhoods are also of this project, which will trigger with the realization of Bursa, the urban transformation that will shed light on Turkey. \"Photo OPENING wILL BE PRIME MINISTER the principle of investing in
future generations Osmangazi Municipality , one of 14 new sports facilities Altınova Sports Facility , one of the most important investments that have been made ​​for young people. Opening the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu made ​​that plant was built on a total of 37 thousand 573 square meters. The property , two soccer fields , including one in standard sizes , locker rooms, administration building , cafeteria, fitness area, children's playground and jogging path is located . 7 , which address 70 to anyone in the plant, which will have a social life center , Bursa and Turkey will be the pride athletes to grow . Photo BURSA SAFETY WHAT A GREAT SUPPORT Basic Photo taken in January of last Bağlarbaşı Police Station , on the Balkan Bağlarbaşi 1 Hürriyet Caddesi street , was built as a 5-fold over 254 thousand square meters. Technical departments , police units, the refectory , which includes the police station building, will be transferred to Bursa Police Department in conjunction with the opening ceremony. Modern architecture and examples of the functional structure of a station Bağlarbaşı 1 million pounds for the Police Station sources were used.
< Strong> Ertugrul Scott IN NAME yaşatılacak Photo Bursaspor champion who Ertugrul Scott's name to be kept alive in the city. Justice in the neighborhood of 716 thousand square meters with a total of 7 Ertugrul Scott Sports Facilities on site 2 indoor acrylic tennis courts, 2 tennis courts training , 1 fitness , gymnastics ranks 1 and Step hall . You can also enjoy 2 clay tennis courts , 2 swimming pools and 1 children's cafeteria. Built 2 million using 500 thousand pounds source Ertugrul Scott Sports Facility , Bursa, with the entry into service will be one of the most important sports center. Photo TRANSPORTATION INVESTMENT RATE does KES traffic load concentrated in the Photo District of from road construction in order to relieve the parking lot construction, investing in many areas until the asphalt work of reconstruction way of Osmangazi , Nilufer renewing the Stone Bridge on the river , connects the Altınova neighborhood with Fair . Photo OFF MARKET aREA wITH SHOPPING NOW MORE COMFORTABLE Photo market places the streets and Osmangazi that converts sound a modern wellness center disconnect between them Municipality 7 Hamitler one of the indoor market area project Indoor market Hall was built over 9 thousand 700 square meters. Citizens and trades more comfortable service designed in order to get the market place two outdoor parking , a special section to fishermen , police units , tea stove, toilet, officers located the room and prayer room. Photo BURSA'< strong> FIRST Photo Osmangazi Municipality , throwing another first in Bursa Demirtas Dam area and trap shooting facilities adds to the city. 31 thousand 575 square meters with a plant , trap polygon, skeet shooting range , administrative building , playground , picnic areas , outdoor fitness equipment, buffet , cafe, walking paths, bike paths, sports fields, fountains , security checkpoints , parking and the open space occurs . Photo Fairgrounds , SPORTS FACILITIES to are getting Photo \"Sports-growing Bursa healthy rising generations \"which set out the objectives of Osmangazi , gives a magnificent facility covering Fair neighborhood of 35 thousand 858 square meters of space . A total of 35 thousand 858 square meters of sports facilities built on the field , one of two football fields in sizes regular , locker rooms, bleachers , walking trails , fitness equipment, and include children's play areas .
OSMANGAZİ being equipped with GREEN FIELDS Photo past period 255 thousand square meters with a total of 150 parks and green space-saving Osmangazi district , continues to work in the new period with the goal to build 150 parks and green spaces . Skewed and unplanned housing which neighborhood squares and green spaces, saving spaces can breathe the citizens by building Osmangazi Municipality , the construction in Labor in November by performing the opening of the completed park will be green coat Bursa's green .


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