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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:34

Ramazanpaş Tradesmen of Ashura Tradition Continues

Ramazanpaş Tradesmen of Ashura Tradition Continues
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Asure traditional charitable bazaar trades carried out by the District Ramazanpaş intellectuals because the month of Muharram was made with a wide participation this year.

Aydın news: Photo Aydin centers by market shopkeepers operating in Ramazanpaş neighborhood of Muharram thus the traditional Ashura in pursuit of Governor Erol Ayyıldız, Efeler Municipal Bşak Mesut Özakc that , Aydin Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers Union Chairman Selahattin Çetindoğan and citizens attended. Ramazanpaş in front of the Mosque after noon prayers performed asure pursuit of Ashura was distributed to thousands of people . Events trades also Ayyýldýz Governor left alone , made ​​it possible to asure the citizens taking the bucket to fifty .
Mayor Mesut Özakc , noting happy coming together of trades, \"Ashura our important culture. Aydin people and shopkeepers In such cases come together . Ramazanpaş Bazaar been doing for years imece usulüyle asure good of our tradesmen . we prayed for the increase of Ashura good of the participating artisans of our business. I am very happy that I found here . but go with our culture , political in society , we have solved the economic and all the problems of social life . I am contributing to this event all I thank our craftsmen and'Allah accept'I say , \"he said . indicating activity as Photo Bazaar they make traditional in the Muharram Khorasan trades, such activities are also noting that bring about solidarity and cohesion , \"the Prophet. Noah , the Flood corresponding to the day of ashura when cooked rid of this day , continues the tradition in the Islamic world for centuries . To transfer to this beautiful tradition in Islam and to live our future generations , we have organized this event. This occasion with our country and get rid of all the world's shortage is our greatest wish , \"he said .


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