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  • 07 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi 18:58

Rank promotion ceremony at Police

Rank promotion ceremony at Police
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Samsun Police Department , which operates under one of the Deputy Chief , deputy commissioner for 14 with one superintendent rank promotion ceremony was held.

Samsun news:
Samsun Polisevinde ceremony , Istanbul Governor Huseyin Aksoy , Istanbul Police Chief Valerie Yavuz , Samsun 19 Mayıs Police Vocational High School Director Mehmet Gundala region, Head of Internal Audit Sebahattin Artur , Custom Inspection Samsun Branch President Yusuf Dundar, safety director assistant branch manager and promotion of police officers who attended.
Samsun Governor Huseyin Aksoy at the ceremony in his speech , \"security service in the absence of a lot of negativity occurred daily life normal standards can not continue a system where the security services know the importance and over with great precision're standing . Turkey of people across the densely populated areas where the police internal security as the unit is working. was in the past as well as today the best way effort in is working . improving and changing environment itself is preparing and releasing . itself is constantly developing . safety teşkilatımızın the past and from the future to the carrying tradition that exists between the point of making a new rank and duty to pass on to a higher rank have been seen at the front . Each new rank is a new responsibility . This responsibility will have to be installed on the new study . This responsibility also fully confident that you will move to increase even more . significant effort to combat crime and have fancy . The fight against drugs have important work . Our hope for peace and security of society in a peaceful way of life of the people in order to maintain and to take all precautions should be taken to be continuous cry of peace and confidence . In this sense, the concept of overtime without being tied to a 24-hour basis to provide services do you offer and can continue to do so . I again congratulate all my friends who served . New recently promoted friends who's new ranks of the auspicious wish they were , \"he said .
Samsun Police Chief Valerie Yavuz In his speech , 1st class promoted to first deputy police chief and the police headquarters was promoted to the first superintendent and 14 deputy commissioner of the new ranks of the auspicious wished to be .
Samsun Deputy Police Chief Erol Silk 1st class, Captain Hasan Ozturk, safety emirate rank , reaching Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch in the Department deputy commissioner while serving as the Samsun 2 years 5 separate heroin operation , especially a very successful operation, the undersigned Levent Kara was commissioner was . Moreover, Levent Kara , as well as the Samsun Police Department operates under the 13 deputy commissioner the ranks as a commissioner were . Governor Aksoy and participants of the ceremony , the rank of staff taking new ranks with their families , they put .


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