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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:51

Rasmussen:We protect Turkey, the countries of military intervention remained

Rasmussen:We protect Turkey, the countries of military intervention remained
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NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmusen, at this stage, the fulfillment of the duty to protect Turkey, said the Syrian crisis, the Alliance does not provide for any other role.

Anders Fogh Rasmusen monthly regular press conference, in Damascus, Syria chemical weapons attack on the 'inexcusable', he said. Rasmussen, offered concrete information on this subject, and attack him personally satisfied with the knowledge that the Syrian regime is responsible for the voiced.

"There's a reason the prohibition of chemical weapons, the civilized world."Rasmussen said NATO allies to see this situation as a threat to international peace and security, he noted. Rasmussen,"Turkey and the continuing strong dayanışmamazı. Continuing commitment to the Alliance's southeastern border protection.", he said.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Turkey, Syria, at this stage, additional protection needed to protect against threats that can not see, he said. Rasmussen stressed that the deterrent effect of Patriot missiles deployed against Syria,"but if an attack on Turkey, it made us all count. Certainly it intends to respond to the Allies negotiate."said.

NATO Patriot missiles have already placed for the defense of Turkey and its people play a role in the issue of Syria Rasmussen,"Turkey, all the plans are already in practice in order to effectively defend and protect. these aspects that need additional preparation I do not think."she said.

chemical attack Syria, Rasmussen stressed the need to give a strong international response, NATO allies about it reminded me of the negotiations continued. Rasmusssen, hard to avoid in the future, the international response to chemical attacks and emphasized the need for"Still, if we dictators all over the world means that a message is dangerous."warned.

NATO Secretary General Rasmussen, it should be given a strong response on the question of military means, the alliance is already doing to secure to Turkey, intervention in the countries concerned would decide the issue, he said.

Rasmussen:We protect Turkey, the countries of military intervention remained" comments for.


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