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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:28

Ray Khan took the stage at the Olive Festival

Ray Khan took the stage at the Olive Festival
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Aydın Municipality held for the first time this year under the leadership of'Olive and Olive Harvest Festival'Khan took the stage under the beam .

Aydın news:
Aydın Municipality , Aydin Commodity Exchange, Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Association , the National Olive and Olive Oil Council , Aydın Chamber of Agriculture and Zeytindostu Association, organized in cooperation with'Olive and Olive Harvest Festival on the second day of Atatürk Town Square , the artist Ray Khan gave a concert.
Aydın Municipality organized by the concert , Aydın Mayor Özlem Çerçioğlu , Metropolitan council members, the CHP Efeler district President's Day Pearl and many citizens attended.
'Olive and Olive Harvest Festival'the first one to have concluded that President Çerçioğlu , festivities traditionally made ​​, saying that \"Aydin olives , olive oil to promote the greatest is our goal. 24 million olive trees in Turkey with olive capital Aydin is . Behold the 2023 goal put them or we 50 million olive trees we have set the goal , \"he said .
30 pounds and that the Rays will look completely different Khan, powerful voice , stage performance and their hearts'love Aydınlı amused with jokes . With her powerful voice sang the most beautiful parts of the famous artist was accompanied by her coming to listen . Khan left the stage 2 hours , Mystery \u0026 Honors wedding dress with a pair of listening to him when I saw the pair were invited to the stage . Ray Khan, not to upset the bride from the groom , wanted to know the value . Artist , mating failed to mention that on the bridegroom ,'Ray Khan's securities not know the left , \"he said . Groom on these words, Ray Khan, who follow him to journalists \"Ray Khan's'the value did not know the title of'the horse , \"he said .
remained on stage for two hours and sang their own songs as well as popular songs that Ray Khan, the drum picks up a call made ​​to the show .


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