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  • 16 Ağustos 2013, Cuma 12:22

" Reading room" records going halls

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Around Turkey, especially in the east, which operates under the Ministry of Development of Social Support Program (SODES) projects, as well as carrying out training activities with the support of businessmen reading halls economic training for the season 2013-2014 started to work. Successfully attracted the attention shown in the last SBS reading rooms.

Kars Reading Halls Manager Yusuf Bakar, waiting to be taken in hand in the field of education to thousands of students each year, providing free tutoring and school classes to help you engage your attention to the achievements of Reading Halls said last SBS. Bakar, Kars locale, 8th grade students taking the examination of 253 299 units a student earn your preferred schools, he said. Percentile to 85 percent of the voicing of this success Bakar,"In this context, 8-science high school, 10-Anatolian teacher high school, vocational high school health 22 units of Anatolia, the Anatolian religious high schools 17 units, 158 units and 38 units of Anatolia Anatolian vocational high school high school students settled."he said.

Kars in Turkey, as well as increases in the quality of education in the reading rooms noticeable with each passing year Bakar, said:"The classes of 20 students in the school next to the courses help you test courses and surveys The best way to solve the trial by providing practical solutions and prepare for examinations. Students walking happy future with more confidence. Recent SBS to further increase the quality of education is successfully read from the Halls will be an effort to move up to 100 percent of that success."

Reading rooms It looks reminiscent of the preparations for the new term begins,"With each passing year due to the increasing application they will continue this year on October 5 level exam at the end of the registration period Kars thousand students will education in the reading room of the 9. Again için'www students and parents.'adlı established internet site. however I think we will provide any kind of contribution to guidance services. taken over the site of the recording."he said.

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