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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:07

Real Estate Purchase And Sale of Attention

Real Estate Purchase And Sale of Attention
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Erzurum Regional Director of Land Registry and Cadastre Ali Ataman, real estate buying or selling , need to be considered spoke about some of the finer points.

Erzurum news: Photo of striking is a very important purchase real estate investment Regional Director Ali Ataman Land Registry and Cadastre , Land Registry index of real estate primarily said that citizens must examine the area . Ataman, \"Real estate purchase is a significant investment today. At the same time all the people, meet the needs of the living area. Land Registry index must be examined . Real estate receivables of our citizens must see the information on the come up land register of the land registry offices with the seller , a lien on real estate , mortgages or recently is there an expropriation to be done? he should look at . also our citizens , land registry and must not be mistaken for a wrong investment in 3rd party must be examined . \"he said.
< strong> REAL ESTATE REVIEW AL you ESTATE PLACE BEFORE MAKING While the apartments are
citizens generally stated that they take the place of the examination Land Registry District Manager Ali Ataman, Land Registry and Cadastral without the deeds of the property to the citizens as as said before they do show the location of a service at the scene . Ataman , \"especially independent sections , particularly a process apartment density urban centers, made ​​a huge deficiency in this regard. But generally our citizens when buying a home in an apartment getting so much in the place of the examination. Only taken place with the declaration of the seller with the buyer . In fact, Lands and before taking on the title deed of the property to our citizens as cadastral a service , such as show the location of the scene. when they invest in these figures , they are carried out on-site inspection by a public official . I would advise to take this service to absolutely real estate buyers mAlArA deceived. \"he said.

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