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  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 14:40

Receives Certificate of forest villages in Bozyazı

Receives Certificate of forest villages in Bozyazı
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Bozyazı district of Mersin ,'Tree Cutting and Sorting Operators'who attended the course were given certificates to forest villagers.

Mersin news: Bozyazı district of Mersin ,'Tree Cutting and Sorting Operators'who attended the course were given certificates to forest villagers. Photo Bozyazı Forest Management Directorate of the certificate ceremony held at the tavern , Bozyazı Governor Mustafa Erkayır , the Bozyazı Forest Management Director Mehmet Alper, Adult Education Center Deputy Director Hakan Resource Specialist Educational Forest Engineer joined Nuri Bala and trainees . Bozyazı Speaking at a Photo Ceremony Forestry Operations Manager Alper, Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning Directorate General of Forestry and Water Affairs , Forestry under the protocol signed between the General Directorate Bozyazı Public Education Center with Bozyazı in accordance with the protocol signed between forest Management Directorate Tree Cutting and Sorting Operator ( AKBO ) courses to said that 50 people attended the first place . Total practical and theoretical training given that within the program within 56 hours, training , indicating that deserve to receive a certificate of trainees who successfully complete the course with examinations conducted as a result Alper, \"Wood Cutting and Sorting Operator profession, has been registered with the notification of national occupational standards published in the Official Gazette. Business Directorate we started with 50 forest villages in the first place working in manufacturing jobs in the borders. As soon as we certify hold tuition all farmers and cooperative members engaged in this in the forestry sector. \"heavy of a Photo forest jobs is exhausting and dangerous , forest participating in training villagers of occupational health and safety with advanced cutting techniques and stated that informed about environmental protection Alper, \"Forest jobs should be well known how to avoid forcing unnecessary and effective when in a secure way. Objectives worker's health, protect the security , improve productivity and efficiency. the mechanization in forestry and environment the development of sensitive certification system , to reduce the economic losses in manufacturing jobs standardization of compliance , risk and developments such as environmental impact assessments have revealed the need to do more training in a comprehensive manner . I wish the best of these trainings will be held , \"he said . From a Photo ancestors, from his grandfather , who learned from his father's profession , this is the course , indicating that a formal, documented with Bozyazı Governor Erkayır that the \"You are insanlarıs of this region , are children . How to cut tree , you know how to longitude. In this course, you also health , first aid and safety added . Fate passing saying , but this job is not so. When we look at the developed countries are taking all measures man . Warden,'We reduced the risk by 10 percent work in the forest, \"he said. If we do not measure them without the 10 percent and 90 percent. So, we developed is now also say that increasing the money spent for increasing value given to human and human to increase. This is not an extra luxury, this is something that must be for you, \"he said . You do not pay attention to the courses opened the Photo citizens , does not appear willing , some things that Erkayır saying that the force of the state , \"I see that the citizens so eager to appear on participation in the course. State from above, I see you brought a good practice but I see that the benefits of top-down . So, government should sometimes top-down application. So , the state will lead , I learned it. Of the State is doing something for us. Know the value of our state. I congratulate you deserve and document that you have participated in the course , good luck auspicious , \"he said . Photo occupational health and protective work equipment and Erkayır examining the clothes in terms of security , the certificate field has recommended the use of this equipment to the forest villagers. Governor Erkayır that followed the speeches, course graduates gave certificates to forest villagers .

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