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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:28

Recessed Handles for Jordanian company has 20 Million Investment

Recessed Handles for Jordanian company has 20 Million Investment
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Started its work in the region Kahramanmaras Elbistan marble deposits in the neighborhood of the town in order to provide the economy Incircik Jordanian origin Anatolian Mountains Mining Ltd.

Kahramanmaraş news: Sti. (Anatolian Mountains Marble Company ) Chairman Anwar Sbeih , said they will changing an investment of 20 million dollars in 5 compared to marble quality. Test work in the marble quarries in Photo Elbistan and coming to town to see the steps in place to be taken to the next period Jordanian origin, Anatolian Mountains Mining Ltd. Sti. Chairman Anwar Sbeih Elbistan Governor Tuncay Akko , Elbistan visited Deputy Mayor Necati servant and President of Mustafa Paksoy authorities Elbistan Chamber of Commerce. Photo Visits in private explanation to our newspaper regarding the future of investment in the region after Sbeih , Incircik Quarter'the quality of the marble in place after the certified under several meters will be installed at the factory of the world's noted processed will be exported to many countries. Sbeih , \"Long-term study of the following will be heard all over the world with the Elbistan the name of marble ,\"he said .
\"Proud and happy to be in and Elbistan Turkey ,\"said Sbeih , \"was known for centuries that mine is hosting the Anatolian mountains . we also Elbistan'd for a long-term investment . I need to be patient for marble . We see also that patience eventually in the light of our experience to reach a high quality marble . Hopefully we will get positive results in the shortest time and investment we will shape , \"he said. will be removed from Photo in January in the area of marble or will be founded in Organized Industrial Zone will be processed in giant factories and Sbeih explain how to work in this factory in the area of people , \"We will build a factory after confirming the quality of our move . issues such as the environment and transport , taking into account other factors we believe to establish the areas where the hearth our factory. However, , factory here we would like to encourage investors to benefit from installing recognized by the Turkish state and government. Is there a possibility that the private industry of the region where he will investigate the pit area . We learned to do Elbistan Organized Industrial Zone . Here we investigate the opportunities and incentives . Turkey Our company's representatives will hold talks in the coming days . Our priority since the turn cooker factory side. We plan to build our factory and work of the Turkish people . Must establish factories to succeed in this job. We plan to export processed the Elbistan marble . We are thinking of making at least $ 5 million , including an investment of close to $ 20 million , \"he said .
Visits in Elbistan that gained very good impression and they all kinds of facilities that will be the direction of the expression of her very satisfied've provided reminding Anwar Sbeih , \"Elbistan'I've met with the managers and administrators. They take care of themselves so closely with us . We perform intimate visits. To invest in the region have expressed their satisfaction came from Jordan because of our . We also thank you for this priority to be given to our company \"made ​​the assessment . The investment in the region from both the dress would also underlines Sbeih gain for themselves , \"We are at the beginning of the road. The distance to be covered . We are moving step by step. As a result, we hope we can get good quality marble will provide great economic benefits to Elbistan and Turkey will be an investment we believe. Elbistan will make a major contribution in terms of employment . We will give priority to the people of our other investments , such as in Elbistan . We will give special training to employees. Here we are processing marble, not only to the Middle East to China, which will be exported to America and European countries. Elbistan marble to decorate homes and buildings around the world. Ultimately, Elbistan, issued by the marble will be recognized in many parts of the world \"was completed with the description of sentences.

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