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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:14

Recommended sweeteners instead of sugar beets

Recommended sweeteners instead of sugar beets
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Malatya Sugar Plant in full swing this year's campaign , while continuing to use sweeteners instead of sugar beet was asked .

Malatya news:
Sugar Workers'Union Malatya Branch President Nuri Murat , privatization excluded Malatya Sugar Factory this year's campaign in full swing continued stating , \"This year's campaign , our 70-day and 250 thousand tons of sugar beet will be processed . So far, about 60 thousand tons of sugar beet processed , \"he said .
Sweeteners harm in mentioning Nouri Murata ,\"Malatya sugar Factory in the sugar produced in the region brand is in . produced sugar marketing are no problem. last year's sugar stock, we ended early. this year in marketing having trouble hoping to I would , saying, \"Go in the bucket for many years because of chemicals in the same way that the sweetener is showing that , citizens were advised to use beet sugar . Murat , \"Starch-based sweeteners citizens when using pay attention. One side 100 percent natural sugar, on the other hand chemical supplemented with starch-based sugars . Citizens is natural if you prefer, for their health better ,\"he said.
Meanwhile, produced beet Malatya to the Sugar Factory is a manufacturer that , you want to find solutions to the long tail , \"if given the received beet planters continued provision of our customers ,\"he said .

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