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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 18:01

Reconstruction of Mukhtar Call

Reconstruction of Mukhtar Call
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Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun , Adnan Menderes , Al, Kazim Karabekir , Nurlupın and Turgut Özal was staying at the office of the District Headman .

Manisa news: Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun , Adnan Menderes , Al, Kazim Karabekir , Nurlupın and Turgut Özal was staying at the office of the District Headman . President Ergun authorities individually took the floor speaking headmen zoning when requesting a visit, the city's garbage problem , from waste water treatment plants , high-speed railway line , irrigation channels and social housing projects to the many issues that came up .
Manisa years bleeding wounds from becoming zoning , garbage, waste water treatment plant on such issues for a long time work contained in Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun , village headmen to his office by accepting studies gave information about . President Ergun visited Adnan Menderes headmen Fevzi Goldman, Akpinar headmen Bişar Saknuk , Kazim Karabekir headmen single Aydin Nurlupın neighborhood Mukhtar Suleiman with Seven Turgut Ozal headmen Ismet Bakshi attended. During the visit, Architect Advisor to the Chairman Azmi Head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development along with Açıldil Türkan were present at Stone Görogly . Visit the city's most urgent problem that primarily located in the village headmen zoning request , the resolution of issues at the point of support from President Ergun asked . During the visit, the first word is Nurlupın Seven headmen took Solomon . Seven, \"You are our eye've opened. Past period you to prepare development plans with railway and irrigation channels in a neighborhood that we should not show us the zoomed . Thanks to you bilinçlendi . The train tracks and irrigation channels as long as our problem will last a lifetime is .'s What we Removal \"he said . Akpinar headmen Bişar Saknuk the last 26 years in Manisa lived , adding that \"the neighborhood of our problems, we know. We zoning mağduruyuz . Kent many parts of the multi-layer construction , while our neighborhood, our no reason he ask ourselves . This development not only our Manisa problem . as is known in the neighborhood a single output. railroad tracks and irrigation canals, our neighborhood has turned . therefore urgent development we want, \"he said.
Adnan Menderes headmen Fevzi rock while in the previous period the zoning of the subject constantly being spoken but declined stating that,\"now the zoning on the side. these people no longer let her wake want . die like this until we can not live . some tandoor bread making , excuse me some house pets looking . District of us suffering from cancer as a kind not healing . anymore of these problems must overcome . you in this regard that our efforts we know. Politics of a put aside the hand with union must give the city this development . But I believe that these cancers us you will save , \"he said . Turgut Ozal headmen Ismet Baksan in the development as well as trash about the trouble burning ,\"This is a bleeding wound on your work know and the trouble us as soon recover what we think, \"he said. Kazim Karabekir One of headmen in Aydın reconstruction can not be done because there is no service in their neighborhoods , while expressing , \"we are in great distress because of the train path . The field of education , such as the lack of mosques have . Subject of the beer to be resolved before we want, \"he said.
Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun neighborhood headmen to his office to welcome his satisfaction expressed. Manisa 26 years can not be zoning issues themselves into the hands of the horse reminded that President Ergun, \"Of course, the lack of our was . We could tell ourselves better . We plan to parliament about our projects . He was also accepted . However, these projects are brought into political propaganda material was not accepted . Manisa was still losers . We have prepared on this project was to change . More grand plans had not been passed . Lost time. We have also entered into a working plan on . Everything it be good , \"he said .
-Speed ​​railway line also spoke about Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun , and Istanbul , and Ankara from line rail coupled to that area zoning can not be done , said:\"This subject is now Urfa Metropolitan Mayor Manisa Governor of the period together with our Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc Jalaladdin Güvenç've passed . They received high-speed train line parallel to the highway said. This project at Manisa, you have to split . But did not come back . Azmi recently with guys Ankara State Railways Deputy Director General had a meeting with a light rail system . These issues were raised at the meeting . Currently this issue is being discussed in Ankara . If our request form if a change is made it will be opened in front of Manisa . Again, the existing line for urban transport and rail system can be used , \"he said .
City passing through belonging to DSI irrigation canals address the issue of the President Ergun, \"Two years ago , Mr. Minister Veysel Eroglu deputies along with've visited . Manisa die opening up the issue brought to the table . Make changes in the itinerary of these channels will not guarantee taaddüd said we'd signed the protocol . Our dear minister saw fit . However, this issue is canceled development plans got shelved . We get to grips with all of these issues . Together and reconciling , resolving the best Let's we think , \"he said .
The railway line Manisa Municipality made ​​by the three overpass project also spoke about President Ergun, \"in that area neighborhoods visit our our people have the overpass had requested . State Railways in consultation with us on it the construction of three flyovers have completed at a cost of £ 500 thousand . However, these projects of flyovers we have boots . We implement projects that TCDD standard . They have to implement his project . We know that high . However, in the preparation of these projects do not have to contribute up our nail tip . They said what if we apply it , \"he said .
Manisa last about 40 years point to unsolved problems that garbage heralding President Ergun, \"We have made every attempt in this regard . As known earlier about where we looked to have no end . , We have found a new place to detect . We forget the past . We know the process . EIA reports, the Prime Minister permissions , permission from the finance ministry we have put all of their projects . If Allah granted permission from the ministry involved in it next week . As you know, the five-kilometer road opened at the new location . The Ministry said these made ​​incomplete . He did this missing . Late in the day we visited the undersecretary of the ministry and gave glad tidings . But we expect 40 percent of the grant . I appeal to MPs in Manisa here . Let our Minister paid a visit . After the completion of the tender stage, let us give concerning the grant request . Not here for ourselves, we want something for our city . All our work in this direction, \"he said.
Only Manisa not Salihli, Turgutlu , Philadelphia , Kula, Selendi , Sarigol , Gordes and Bridgehead also into a new waste facility for the three-month study courses that they are also underlines the President Ergun, \"In this region made ​​a second plant in the trash on our agenda . We are racing against time . I hope to plant in Manisa projects given to us in the bidding process will start immediately . Our intention in 2015 in Manisa trash plant construction to begin , \"he said .
Speech zoning issues constantly referring Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun last term reconstruction good anlatamadıklarını , said:\"Our Shortcomings Was it real . Çuvaldız ourselves first before we're sunk . However, the following five-foot way of accepting the five-storey building , the President , even if it does not come in the Prime Minister . You must delete it from your head . We are already thinking of our understanding of high-rise plans are adopted. But here hardship on neighbors coming together and plot the contractor to give head in the shortage has created , \"he said .
Turgut Ozal in the neighborhood planned for the hospital next to the 50 hectares of land in the social housing projects were planning to do headman shared with President Ergun, \"Allah granted if there TOKI of the more modern housing , but personally to be created within our municipality will implement a modern housing . Then the railway side of the irrigation canal sitting next to our citizens come bro heating, earthquake resistant apartment now sits will say , \"he said .
Manisa in the earthquake zone and that the longer people resistant to earthquakes in modern buildings should sit underlines President Ergun,\"Manisa'God bless the earthquake which buildings remain intact , though these are discussed. No one can get the blame for it below . Therefore, without anyone victims , volunteers will have the right to consent . Of course, the land value of the house will be made available . Own house 100 meters corresponds to the rightful owner 130 sq. wants difference whether the house will pass .
In metropolitans used to live must
people's lives respect that , but big cities to live in need to get used stated that the President Ergun, \"where we came from in the different lifestyles we can have . But now the neighborhood include animals in shelters should be. they also bring a solution we have . Changes need to adapt to . I respect that. bread you to cook , animals facing . But then the space will change , they no longer to metropolitan worthy stuff is not. Allah bestowed If they overcome in'll come . Allah wrong with us taking you . anyone to victimize an idea as yet. tomorrow again face to face will look . Allah our faces open , forehead our current these services do bestowed on us , \"May said.
Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergün, speaking at the end of the headmen bulunarak a plea , \"I ask of you , this job is no place for politics . This development will make our people is of great importance in terms . Find all across the province will be a year of planning . Of course, 25 grand plans to do first . Then after five grand and the grand plans to be prepared . Of course this process with the district to cover two years . Our goal is to emphasize even more this time . Also consult with other political parties . Let's work together to overcome this , \"he said .

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