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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:54

Recounted Roma Rights

Recounted Roma Rights
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Federsyonu novel , the Macedonian Roma Rights Defenders from Tefik Lawyer Mahmut found in the sharing of knowledge and experience .

Kocaeli news:
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality of Press and Public Relations Department, EU External Relations Branch and Roma Federation , prepared by'in Kocaeli Roma children into the formal education Integration'project Kocaeli Fair located within the Centre for Civil Society (STM ) Association of Roma in personal development to administrators and members of the association , Democracy and Human Rights education is taught . Centre for Civil Society held in two weeks yesterday's guest of education , from Macedonia who served in the European Roma Rights Centre was a lawyer Mahmut Tefik .
Active Citizenship education of the participants had guests from Macedonia . 7 Balkan countries who support Roma Rights Lawyer Mahmut Tefik , European Roma Rights Center, gave information about the work done . Of the Roma population, the most densely inhabited Macedonia SUTK living in the city attorney Tefik Mahmoud , in European countries the Roma local governments and public bureaucracies relationship with for sharing of expertise found .
Citizens lived kireçocak neighborhood visiting Tefik in Kocaeli Roma citizens also did research on living conditions . Roman citizens neighborhoods visit after the Centre for Civil Society in the Romanian Federation members and executives coming together Lawyer Tefik Rebecca, participants their work related to the transfer of information found.
Project Mehmet Sinan Dereli Secondary School parents, administrators and children in the training of lawyers, life coaches , academics, Roma and non-Roma participants will be given a series of training . The creation of a democratic school culture and the education of Roma children away from the life of the project aiming at the end of an international workshop to be organized . In Turkey, 300 applicants selected from 20 projects located between the'Kocaeli Roma children into the formal education Integration'project partners Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Sinan Dereli Secondary and Hungarian Roma Rights Centre .


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