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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:08

Recounted to the Inter-University Faculty of Engineering Student Project Competition

Recounted to the Inter-University Faculty of Engineering Student Project Competition
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Renaissance Holding, the'Sustainable Designing the Future \"slogan , which was organized on a national scale'Green Building and Environmental Systems'themed'Inter-University Project Competition'Harran in the seminar held at the University , was introduced to the Faculty of Engineering students.

Şanlıurfa news: Photo youth , sustainability and environmentally friendly systems to innovative ideas on the topic of introductory seminar of the contest , which allows the conversion project has received great attention from the engineers of the future. Photo Harran University , Osman Bey Campus , Faculty of Engineering of the Renaissance Holding executives at a seminar held at the Conference Hall Dr. Honor B. Tokdemir , students made ​​a presentation containing the purpose of the contest and Renaissance Holding's experiences. Photo win I CALLED THINKING Photo Renaissance Holding domestic and abroad, giving examples of green building D .Tokdem it , said:Photo \"this competition actually raises awareness. I take it further how a step green buildings you can find the answer to the question .'I win this contest ,\"he wants you to join in düşünmeyin.2 competition and we are here to share our experience with you .If gives heart to this project, the efforts you exerted kazanırsınız.b that I believe that the very nice project. \"Photo EXPERIENCE I SHARE Photo 2014 the world's largest international construction companies in the 53rd row Renaissance Holding rising Tokdemir sharing their experience with young people by giving examples , all students are urged to participate in the competition. Photo TARGET ; ALTERNATIVE IDEAS Photo Renaissance Holding , compatible with the vision of this competition , compliance with the sustainability criteria in the design concept that uses environmentally friendly systems and their support material in nature or construction techniques'new approach'offering alternative ideas is aimed at the production of the project. Photo ALL uNIVERSITY sTUDENTS tO PARTICIPATE all universities across the Photo Contest country 3rd and 4th class architecture and engineering school students can participate in teams consisting of up to 7 people . This , as well as multiple teams from the same university in participating in the contest may be racing their ideas .'Green Building and Environmental Systems'themed competition , environmentally friendly, innovative carrying enduring values ​​, unique and able to develop sustainable projects . Photo of architecture and engineering faculties 3rd and seminars organized for 4th grade students was answered students'questions.
aPPLICATION DATES aND AWARDS consult university students who want to participate in a Photo Contest will be held from October 15 2014 to February 13, 2015 . At the end of Contest'most innovative sustainable projects'ödüllendirilecek.yarış The overall winner 10 thousand, the second of six thousand , while the third , as well as 4 thousand cash prize of 5 on the project will be given an honorable mention . Photo PROJECTS TO BE DISPLAYED Photo Contest scope , library and exhibition space , the project in three different types of structure , including boutique hotels and residences will be offered the option to be produced. Reach of the web-page with all the details about the contest and the contest can be followed from social media platforms. Contest results will be announced the day of February 27, 2015 . In the award ceremony will be held later projects will be presented . Photo GREEN BUILDING WHAT? is the subject of a Photo Green buildings; water , materials, energy and other natural resources to minimize wastage . In other words, green building , by reducing the high efficiency and provide carbon emissions , energy consumption and climate change control and their environmental impact involves attempts to minimize . Photo Seminar at Cukurova University in Adana November 5 Wednesday , on Tuesday, November 11 will be held in Gaziantep University.


Recounted to the Inter-University Faculty of Engineering Student Project Competition" comments for.


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