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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:19

Recruits flocked to the hospital in Bursa Butchers

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When cutting the victim injured in Bursa novice butchers, flocked to the hospital .

Bursa news: A novice butcher sacrificial cutting friend hand cutting a person sacrificial calf remained below broke her foot .
All at home as well as in Bursa hospitals, feast on the first day novice butchers had drawn a crowd . Animal sacrifice in trying to cut the hand or leg or injured animals by kicking and ornamental rushed to the hospital . In serious condition in ambulances , slightly wounded their own by private car to the hospital came .
sacrificial DANAI < strong> broke her foot
Cutting trying to cattle to deposit when requesting the animal's foot press the foot of the Bilal Ozer was broken. Wheelchair discharged Ozer, the victim's sainthood suffered by explaining, \"my foot in a cast taken ,\"he said .
Doğanköy their victims cut the injured Ahmet Tarkır that , if accidentally cut the hand stitches told.
Beginner bUTCHER , THIS TIME fRIEND cut off
Animals hold while the novice butcher friend accidentally cut his hand saying another person's treatment in hospital after motorcycle with the abandonment did not escape attention .
Hospital Aladdin comes with a near Aydin trying to cut the victim off 5 stitches on his hands , he said.

Recruits flocked to the hospital in Bursa Butchers" comments for.


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