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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:59

Rector Diamond 4-Year Term Study Assesses And Will Continue

Rector Diamond 4-Year Term Study Assesses And Will Continue
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Sakarya University , which will be held on October 30 election candidates to the President of SAE Rector

Sakarya news: Sakarya University , which will be held on October 30 election candidates to the President of SAE Rector Dr. Muzaffer Elmas, 4-year term and evaluated the work will continue. Photo Sakarya University Rector will go to the polls for elections. Enter the winners of elections in 2010 as Vice President and President Abdullah Gul appointed for this purpose by Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas announced his candidacy in the new era . Diamond following the mission came in 2010, spoke about the work and projects they want to continue in this process .
In elections held in 2010 , reminiscent of that comfortable than today Diamond, \"Think of the last selection. Since the beginning of 2010'victorious teacher definitive would not be selected'said . it both inside as well as were the majority are saying outside. Previous election period it was a Muzaffer Elmas definition that I did not even know myself. the selection process was estranged from the talk the future of the university . that is why I did not do propaganda at the time that one before. in fact I went to Umrah . I spent the process by watching home TV. However, I started to work selectively at the end of this process, and quickly tried to provide the meantime experienced decomposition of eliminating the corporate motivation , \"he said . Photo currently the election period of extremely level and democratic and sample stated that late in a medium Diamond, \"This process is completed in this way will give us great motivation and strength. of course, the responsibility of us will be more . We will work hard to repay this responsibility . On the other hand we talk about this subject in Turkey with the'Your choice, no problem , \"he says . Rector friendly atmosphere and this support is more important than being composed in my opinion. Previous election was more troubled past . I hope this is more comfortable going through the selection process . Should make us falling in this process is to do the best we assigned appreciated . Always come first to wish you good luck and do good service , \"he said . Photo Photo \" We MANAGING UNIVERSITY POLITICAL \"Photo University who expressed their political Managing Diamond continued his speech as follows:\"I'm certain my politics . It is clear from birth . Our stance has not changed . We all have an opinion . Our job is to make the best rector . I never added the politics of the selection process. University have provided to focus on their priorities. Yönets we elections would be political in political institutions . He also took time despite political opinions. But when we come out of such a table we manage to college with their values. Currently academicians will not have a problem clustering ball of center . So there is no case to find a crowd of injustice. The right of the people trying to beat the crowd but can not find . Because there is no such a situation. An institution is not without problems , of course , but we try to be the best . Currently we are connecting the peacefulness of it. Some individual and missing points in this process , we see that a choice .. I was excited at first. There were 8 candidates. Preformed had names . My wife says you're more excited now . But there is much more responsibility following a case brought by the support which exists within and outside the university . This should give the right support. The main thing that excites us \"after they came to focus on the substantive issues of the university remembers a Photo Task Diamond continued his explanation:\"The labyrinth is a way and sets the university. I distribute them all. Not forced . Put it all fell apart as the essence of the university . I say academics. There are fundamental issues of the University. Academics are free as long as the project generates for society. We are doing whatever it takes to be strong academics . Search haven for academics feature weakens . Then begins the cluster. Our emphasis on academics until my eyes no other institutions. Nothing happens without increasing the quality of academics . We came to this point with the value we give scholars \"Photo 4 year tenure faculty members stated that they open an investigation into any diamond,\"I did not open any investigation 4 years. 2 thousand people where ever I open the investigation . Does not reach a place with them . There are ethics at the University. You are opening an investigation of people for the people they are taking . Important solidarity between academics. How important is our solidarity work done though . We want to frictions that wasted energy to zero . Our strength comes from here. In this way , we are an institution in Turkey coveted . Or are we not say that the best academics in the world . We direct our energy and our capacity here . We want our teachers to open the world. We want them to see beyond the in Turkey , \"he said . Photo Sakarya University of could potential and achieve explaining very well known SAE Rector Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas, \"since I Rector was deputy I know a good university . I know what I can do for this university . So actually my excitement . If you want to succeed in public universities will exclude no power. I give much importance to this . For university elections in 2010 we brought all of the candidates who promise a task. They did not ask for this . I wanted to get soot motivation . Whether your goals as you saving the world with these people ultimately will govern here . Motivation is very important, \"he uses expressions. Photo \"A university should be universal , \"said Diamond, \"Universal college education if we did it all how it is done . No problems here . Each department to be accredited from all over the world. We integrins to the whole world . To do so, we will fill more . We crossed a critical threshold in scientific publications . Our missing by our lack of outsourced projects . Current technopark over. There are open 24 hours a project center. If not selected will open . We opened . He used to do this project with academics now doing graduate and undergraduate students and PhD students . We figure, I attack a lot about the project. We will overcome this . The project will connect our centers in every school and a center that will open . Considering these shortcomings outside the university. But we will overcome it \"Photo Photo \" VERY GOOD RELATIONS WITH THE CITY \"Diamond Photo indicating their relationship with the city is very good , \"Look, this issue turned into an urban legend . University city is called disconnected . All stakeholders of the city , our governor , we're very good relationship with our managers , including non-governmental organizations SATSO our first mayor. We have projects that will destroy the perception here. These projects do when we graduate students in the city will try to issues related , for example. The problems of the city is something that our relationship with our hometown to develop partnerships to solve . We have already said we were missing in the steps taken on this issue. Look, we have the highest rate of students in Turkey. Number of teacher does not increase by enough. As there is a point in this regard. Just because it opened up at the same time many universities in Turkey akadem The mosque can not be found qualified . We also slightly higher than our academic criteria to other universities. Problem was solved with the Crisis Staff bag laws. We also thank for this. Current staff no problem. Important crisis has been exceeded. Most academics did not focus time and energy to the project because i went to education. Now it will be different. 10 thousand and 40 thousand Sauda graduate with a doctoral degree students . We reached our destination we could use better our potential , \"he said . Photo Photo \" GRADUATES WITH EASY FINDING WORK \"Photo \"graduates easily find a job in Turkey 5. We rank among universities , \"said Rector Diamond, \"What does graduated from Sauer . We need to get this information. SSI does not share information about it. However, we have prepared our statistics. 5. We rank among university graduates in Turkey finds easy task. 20.sıra but we're getting students to graduate in the top 5 of finding a job. This is very important . For example, firms that have expressed their certificate to us. 2 years ago companies were eliminating SAU graduates. But not anymore. Companies say it. This type of research is emerging . If what we are providing them opportunities in universities in Turkey in Sakarya. Students are preparing to change the world . For example, we're giving laptops to students , such as book data. Use it brings back . For example, we are changing the format cafeteria . We remove the game. For example, we put the computers into the corners . There may work. Now ceased to be a training class . One thing is everywhere. For example, access to information should be dormitories cafes everywhere transportation . About the cafe in which I have a project in Serdivan and elsewhere . There are many cafes. This may be the corner to work . I can not say you're working on to give classes . We have to take the feet of the young people's education . We transform the area in which we live , while integrating into the world. Our Library , Our halls and mosques are always open . Now working places and taking seizures fastening cycle is over. \"He said. Photo Photo \"SAKARYA'< strong> CITY HOSPITAL OR REQUIRED \"Photo \"Sakarya most important need of a good hospital , \"said Diamond President , said the city's hospital said that it was necessary:\"There are areas where we gave a training Morphology of Medicine building. Here we want a rigorous education efforts. But I must say that the Ministry of Health with our partners we work in hospitals , before the teacher who used to have the problem of adaptation depending on the situation . However, the health ministry side in this system is not yet fully seated. The General Secretariat of the system is doing something one is going to come from someone . See 3 general secretary of Sakarya was already changed . Unable to make sound planning . Without a good system of medicine says that the teacher let's , let's secretary-general says it . We are trying to establish this system. Currently compatible and have a team of diligent if we're a good system setup easier . There are 120 faculty members in the School of Medicine. There are close to 220 with a staff of 100 professionals assistant . We receive new difficulties are experienced in the field of academics . Let's hope he also hundreds of people . Hospital at the end of business on a budget . The finer the better teachers layout income . Network of medical professionals much else. In fact, this system of medical schools to sit for at least 15 years but we've come to a good place as soon as possible . Sakarya most important requirement is a good hospital . City hospital is required. Specialized and should be hospitals. However we should all focus on. Dear Members of Parliament and our number of indirect analyzes minister to our subject very well and we should use this opportunity well . The city is very important for the future \"Photo Photo \" THE CITY'S PROBLEMS WILL BE THESIS TOPIC \"Photo \"Students and teachers organizations and will bring us the problems of the industry and degree in master's and doctoral thesis this we will focus on solving problems , \"said Diamond President , he continued as follows:\"we have established three 4-year period at our institution . We spent 4 school life. Our student population rose from 52 thousand to 80 thousand . But we have no physical shortage . We have a shortage of academics . We have made significant strides in 4 years to integrate with the city. We do our work , we opened a period of institutions in the education and training of our students . 3 + 1 and 7 + 1 projects had. In this way, academics and students recognized institution. We provide the Meet . In the second stage, students and teachers will bring us to the problems of these institutions and industry , and degree in master's and doctoral thesis will focus on solving these problems . Joint projects and will do the work . I have no doubt about it. This system was established. Foundations were laid. We want to support it. Our future goal is very clear:the system we will install all departments accredited, the highest increase cognitive UNIVERSITIES publications in this period , we will continue this growth. We will increase our speed by announcing the mobilization of national and international projects in the making \"Photo

Rector Diamond 4-Year Term Study Assesses And Will Continue" comments for.


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