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  • 18 Ocak 2013, Cuma 10:11

Recycle worn-out the Health of your hair-Now!

Recycle worn-out the Health of your hair-Now!
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Your hair has seen more action, sunlight, hair dryer or hair worn or burned at the tables right? If the hair is worn bozuyorsa spirits, to restore the health of the luminous curls of hair health professionals listen to the recommendations.

, bright, beautiful, healthy hair, beauty for every woman's most valuable asset. But the flickering on buklelerimizin them grind çektirdiğimiz not be underestimated. Hair dryers, hair curlers, dyeing, bleaching and chemical straightening processes such as hair, blow dry and tight collected atkuyrukları, burn, and may make it impossible to shape. EM Hair World , and hair expert John Gray, author of the book, all of this hard protective outer layer of your hair transactions-that is, the"F"layer-aşındırdığını, which in turn led to deterioration in the cortex of the hair shaft, which are essential, he says.

This may be startled you have said, but a few small changes you make hair care routine and hair health, shine provide worn out as well as be able to block a possible tear."Hair care technology, noted a big improvement,"says Pantene hair expert Jeni Thomas, and adds:"We can dye your hair as long as you take the right steps to protect, use styling devices, spend time in the sun, but still you can have the perfect hair ."

Here are four major ways to repair hair exposed to attack ...

EM Treated Hair

processes such as chemical straightening or perming your hair dyed

uygulatırken be careful. If you like the results you receive Chemical flatten, talk to your hairdresser to do your hair instead of sipsivri, soft and shiny, easy to take shape, hair texture more susceptible to develop an application.

specially formulated for color-treated hair, use shampoos and hair conditioners. Hair changes the structure of the chemical processes, the new structure such products include reinforcing materials such as polymer.

Wear heat from

label"hydrating"to choose shampoos and hair creams, hair in need of such products provide refreshing moisture.

Hard Transactions

Exposed to Harmful Effects of the Sun


UV How şınları causing harm to your skin, hair strong and healthy hair which gives you the same damage, weakening the structure of the protein. The best way to wear your hair on a sunny day to plug hat, broad-brimmed hat by choosing the same time protect your skin as well. If you can think of your hair as much as I ever saw sunny days, in order to strengthen your hair with shampoo and conditioner specially designed to select a suitable hair dokunuza (thin wire/sensitive or medium/thick wire) choose a product.

About the Author:Shelley Levitt , EM area subject to a large number of women's lifestyle publication has contributed to EM.

Recycle worn-out the Health of your hair-Now!" comments for.


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