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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 18:09

\"Red Era Officially Begins in the Legend\"

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Aydin 1. Amateur Cluster Group 4 championship in a difficult task to put Aydınspor from coach Erman red team first appeared at the beginning of training .

Aydın news: Club President Aydın Çepni with General Captain Cenk Dincil also followed by training in the views with footballer Red, \"Everything will be better ,\"he said .
Last season's team 2.Amat Cluster from 1 Erman who heads the team carrying Amateur Cluster red, the team said they would bring a better position. Red, \"We will do everything we can. We believe the championship we will be in the race. We will fight to win the next 9 games 9 . Everything will be better ,\"he said .
We rely on our community and our TEAM < br/> the Chairman Aydin Aydınspor Çepni, drew attention to the end, nothing yet in the league. Still the strongest candidate is they Çepni underlines the championship, \"Both goals we eat the bad luck , both bad game , we lost the unfortunate scores because of poor management of both the referee. However, our faith keeps us full and hope. The next 9 will win the match 9 . Awesome back we will live to return. we rely on our community and our team . we will not overwhelm us believers , \"he said . , who left the team's training Mustafa Celebrity Photo Aydınspor did not participate . It was learned that the manager reported the desire to leave the Celebrity .

\"Red Era Officially Begins in the Legend\"" comments for.


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