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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 18:55

Red Meat Corruption in Mersin

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Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin Canikli, in an operation they do in the optional 4 warehouses Mersin Customs Directorate , said they have determined that the financial size of 28 million pounds thousand 44 tons of smuggled red meat market driven , \"So far in this area even in all product groups for the current largest customs trafficking is an event , \"he said .

Mersin news: Photo from Mersin Canikli Ministers on the subject , and after about half an hour meeting with the Customs Department officials , spoke to reporters . Canikli, 4 within the framework of an intelligence information to the Regional Directorate of Mersin said they started work in October . The evaluation and Canikli indicating that the examination of the decision making physical counts in 4 warehouses from the bee , \"These warehouses nationalized rated warehouse where goods are temporarily located in . In transit essentially these stores need to be transported to other countries from Turkey that aims to temporarily store and the goods entering Turkey then exit country , which is considered to be transferred to the destination country , warehouses stocked with the red meat you need. inputs and outputs controlled in this warehouse . It is clear where the goods in each warehouse . Our friends are stored in red in this incoming intelligence information and assessment result , nationalization not they take the decision to count in the warehouse . as a result, physical detection , according to accounts, a much smaller amount of items to be included according to the records being identified as red meat found. this means that you need to deport under the following ;. transit trade of these goods but passed on to Turkey inserted, without customs clearance . on this product a product with very high customs duty . Tariff rate of 225 percent in red meat in question . Therefore, thrust into our country without payment of the customs duties. Review 44 thousand tons in total in Turkey found that red meat is introduced . So far in this area or even the entire product groups are available uncovered the largest smuggling case in , \"he said .
\" FULL DETERMINATION INSTRUCTIONS was PROVIDES THIS BUSINESS emergence \"Photo in the emergence of this event that's a very important step and said the decision highlights the Canikli, \"9 based on a tip from me personally in October , we sent a letter to all customs instructions . Red meat , alcohol, we have done exactly identify with the instructions of cigarettes and related products , including tea from Turkey as a transit country to be transferred to other input and output for these products as well as customs . This application is started in this way. What's it about 44 thousand tons of contraband uncovered meat is located in relationship issues have to do so if you ask . You know the system is brought meat to be transported to another country , is put to the warehouse in Turkey , then the higher customs duties includes those goods are sold , but something needs to be removed out of its money . As in this example the value is not in the pulp chicken , chicken products removed completely disrupted . Because the same kilograms , of the goods must be removed the same weight that account be snapped. Also close to a ton of chicken and chicken mince clippings of this repository has been removed in order to appear in such goods. These are products that are planned to deport instead of the red meat. But if in this direction is due to our customs as well if I was asked to remove the output would be seen to be done should not chicken meat its red and transactions, events would be revealed . That's why they can not do this on our authorization and swollen after removing records. Therefore, these guidelines were applied they were not yellow even the old classic method would be uncontrolled and the possibility of closing the account would occur by removing the chicken scraps. They had to keep in the warehouse because they understand you can not enjoy the full determination instruction customs , \"he said .
\" WAREHOUSE SYSTEM REVIEW we HAD \"Photo underlines the collapse of a very large network in the sense that this Canikli , \"So red meat very seriously about coming to Turkey illegally , this process can not be revealed , but a kind of claims have been identified to date with all the nudity . Revealed leakage in this area. We will also go to the rest of this event. Because we estimate that at the beginning of 2014 so far covered more than 100 thousand tons of red meat into the transit trade. Currently work is being done . Therefore, how much of it is left in Turkey, by this method, were sold in Turkey, we do not know how much of that actually removed the goods from abroad without changing the scope of transit trade. But the size of the potentially large numbers reinforces the possibility of abuse. After reviewing this study, we also warehouse system. In particular, the removal of the goods in transit trade abroad believe that it should be revised in order to be stored in warehouses in Turkey. We decided with regard to the removal of the warehouse petroleum products under transit trade mechanism , the same reason . Would come within the scope of transit trade should come directly from the stopover in Turkey . Probably at least under our complete control without entering the direct application of the customs warehousing procedure similar to some of the goods we will establish mechanisms to ensure abandonment of Turkey. Or have a number of warehouses in earnest. They always impossible to control. Entering the warehouse of products made in Turkey already transit trade is not very significant. Can be for certain goods , but maybe its outside is not very meaningful, \"he said .
\"< Strong> MARKET VALUE OF MEAT 28 million \"Photo has the company of these products back to all companies that have a relationship with the company the record would look into retrospectively Canikli, \"We will reveal all the details. Here you can come across a significant number of companies. Hopefully it will stay that way we will have a better foot with the connection if the network is completely smashed . In previous years, a catch over a thousand tons we consider the figures of a detected leak in Turkey is a very large figure and the industry would very seriously affect and be able to say in this area would eliminate the products entering illegally in Turkey. Were identified in 2012-2013 , around 300 tonnes in the last year . Really noteworthy in this regard that were identified fugitive couple of thousand 44 tons of input at a time. Market value of the meat that are determined to enter illegally is around 28 million . Due to this process and fined the verb is a verb that requires both imprisonment . Customs We will write a sentence about 77-78 million people in the shortest period of time. Measures to be decided in the collection of this penalty will be applied as soon as possible . Our Chief Prosecutor's Office also is investigating this issue . So far, 11 people have been released as judicial control. This act has been done by organized criminal stretches up to 7.5 years 1.5 years. Of course, the court will give its decision. We will continue to work on the leak quickly lost hope in all areas , \"he said .

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