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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:15

Red Meat Enhances the Immune System

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Selcuk University (SU) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Food Hygiene and Technology, Professor at the Faculty.

Selcuk University (SU) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Food Hygiene and Technology, Professor at the Faculty. Dr.. Umit Gurbuz, a strong immune system is closely related to a balanced diet, noting borne illness, especially infections that occurred during the winter months of eating red meat strengthens the body's defense mechanism, he said.
different cells of the human body, tissues and molecules for the immune system is protected by a defense mechanism called Indicating that a. Dr.. Gurbuz, which may occur in this system disorders occur as a result of the infections will have a negative impact on quality of life, he said. In periods of seasonal changes, especially the need to strengthen the immune system that Prof. Dr.. Gurbuz,"resistance of the body in maintaining the balance of nutrients consumption plays an important role. Balanced diet is the key to effective functioning of the immune system,"he said. Prof.
. Dr.. Robust, balanced and adequate diet in addition to regular and quality sleep, age and gender according to the proper and continuous exercise, life look favorably, cigarettes and alcohol to stay away from ideal weight, to have and maintain the immune system, so our body defense mechanism positively affects noted.
in the strengthening of the immune system balanced diet, especially Prof. attention to the role of protein consumption. Dr.. Umit Gurbuz,"Weight 1 gram per drops to protein intake, and that at least half of the animal origin of nutrients is important to have. Meat protein is a very rich food is quality and protein content. Outside mandatory that essential (basic) amino acids adequate and balanced contains a form,"he said.
flu and cold AGAINST RED MEAT

Seasonal changes that are experiencing these days, especially A, E, C, and especially vitamins including B12 and iron, zinc, selenium minerals such as agents consume highlighted the importance of Gurbuz,"these vitamins and minerals containing nutrients enough to be winter during the period that you can encounter cold, flu, etc. Many infection prevention will help us. Sofra our creating especially of all family members where a combination of meals in the table of the flesh are missing is important not to. Paddles with vegetables food must not be neglected. Meat dishes alongside broccoli, vegetables like cauliflower as a side dish should take place. beverage as freshly squeezed orange, tangerine, grapefruit should be consumed. Fruit consumption while meals about 2 hours later should be done,"he said.

Vitamin A is only found in animal tissues. Red meat, liver, milk, cheese, butter and eggs are the most important resource. Both green and yellow vegetables are important sources.
Vitamin E :SS humid antioxidant present. Found in abundance in mother's milk. Red meat, herbal products, and eggs are a significant source.
Vitamin C:strengthens the immune system and improves. Is involved in the absorption of iron in meat and meat products are recommended to be consumed together with. Deficiency results in the destruction of body tissue.
Pyridoxine (B6):Regurgitation in the suppression of the immune system, nervous system disorders and causes anemia. Include animal and vegetable foods.
Cyanocobalamin (B12):many functions in the organism, as well as folic acid in the immune system and plays a role in maintaining. Red meat, fish, eggs, chicken, milk and milk products are important sources.
Selenium effective antioxidant with vitamin E prevents cell damage. Aging, cancer, cataracts, cell injury is known to have protective effects in such cases. Protein-rich foods constitute the most significant source. These include meat and seafood are in the first place.
Iron:it is quite necessary for the immune system. Although the liver is the best source of red meat, seafood and egg yolk is the major source. Meat, especially when consumed with vegetables for the use of iron in plants is positively affected.
Zinc plays a role in cell enzyme systems. It is therefore necessary for the immune system. Red meat, seafood, meat, eggs, cereal and dried legumes are a major source. The absorption of zinc in foods of animal origin are higher than those of vegetable.

Red Meat Enhances the Immune System" comments for.


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