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  • 20 Mayıs 2013, Pazartesi 11:34

Reduce forgetfulness and memory, ways to strengthen

Reduce forgetfulness and memory, ways to strengthen
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Liv Memory Health Center Hospital Specialist Professor of Neurology.


. Türker Şahiner, forgetfulness, gave information about the causes and treatment methods. Turker, forgetfulness may be the harbinger of serious disease expressed talked about methods to strengthen memory.

Explaining caused by human forgetfulness fallen. Dr. Şahiner,"Today's active in the life of every individual remains under the bombardment of communication and information. Units of the limited amount of information that the brain is able to process and record. In this case, depending on the priorities of all information during the registration process is creating some of the priorities. Registry issues are not so lazy and not enough priority to Good records can not. For this reason, do not forget the fact that not remember every piece of information, the registry is information that we do not. Actually, this is not a sign of illness, but forgetfulness can sometimes be the harbinger of serious diseases."she said.

record Şahiner investigated the causes of memory problems,"remembering people's minds locked points. Hippocampus close to call and receive memory stores information officer recently realized actions. Continuous precious moments we hold in our minds what we call the brain cortex, the right part of the shell. This part is pretty has a large capacity. however, it does not work very well in our cortex, hippocampus, or preventing çağırmamızı information. therefore have to make efficient use of this very valuable piece."said.

Şahiner, to forget the factors that cause, he explained, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), deterioration of glucose metabolism in the brain with age (metabolic syndrome), depression, obesity, calm and stable life, uncontrolled hypertension, hormonal influences (early menopause, thyroid disease), smoking, and alcohol consumption."

Şahiner explaining that it is possible to strengthen the memory, it also outlined ways."Solve the puzzle on a regular basis. Except for the work you do, do readings. Walk 1 hour per day. Please note that Uykunuza and eating. Stay away from toxic substances. Stay away from stress. Build yourself a hobby."

Reduce forgetfulness and memory, ways to strengthen" comments for.


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