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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:01

Ref Action Plans I and Conversion

Ref Action Plans I and Conversion
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Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Şerafettin Aşut , Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu plans to reform and transformation action plan announced by the , stating that they found the business to be extremely positive , \"especially action plans , we see very positive in terms of the seriousness of the the package to connect to a transparent calendar ,\"he said .

Mersin news: Photo Aşut Commenting on the issue, says the business end of Mersin reform plans announced by the Government as the world said they had found positive . Saving especially action plans they saw very positive in terms of the seriousness of the package to connect a transparent calendar , \"No exact details disclosed, for the first time the macro being more micro details in and involving the corporate sector , whether Turkey's economy of reform in the chain supporting the real sector, an extraordinary global competitiveness we believe that creating development. Although Mr. issues Prime Minister announced the 10th Development Plan generous to the first time the real has industry so a clear emphasis and the first time such a holistic evaluation. in particular, the financing industry, locally sourced energy production, agri health-tourism and logistics in the new targets and integration , advanced technology, R \u0026 D , commercialization of ideas , the domestic producers in public procurement and the promotion of R \u0026 D-oriented products , and perhaps most importantly, human resources, are crucial to our economy emphasis trained and skilled human resources . Finally, all this is a quality human resources who will make the transformation. All of this is not new in the sense of discourse , we tell them we are also years ; they need in industry and foreign trade strategy documents , plans are also in development , but the first time I got there the first time such an integrated approach and a reform plan based on the real sector. Indeed, the world of work as shown by the stability of such a calendar has given hope to us . Morale has provided what we need , \"he said .
Fast growth of strong and stressed that the transition to the balanced growth Aşut , \"drew attention to a new concept in the Prime Minister's statement. Than rapid growth , balanced and strong growth on a floating approach that we think is true . Sustainable growth is something more desirable. Description of a new rhetoric we see . This new language makes me happy. What we talked about for years , especially people-oriented development model . So, well-defined objectives and instruments . Ultimately our goal is to human development. Our goal is that our people happy olmasıdır.özellikl Medium Term Programme of things in order to complete the missing görüyoruz.b really left a promising approach . This approach in our planned economy , planned efforts were always things we miss . In terms of structural reforms to be completed this planned approach is very important . Turkey and the stability of our economy had entered a particular nuisance occurring around us. We needed a new story of success and transformation . We need a new moral discourse and action. In contrast to this bundle package prepared in continuous macro level , the micro level in terms of the real sector and to target the human resources of oil in a new light . Following only the Turkish business world and subsequent reamkif out a structure , the time has come to pass , which the outgoing pro-active structure and future pioneers . Turkish industry, all sectors related directly to the real sector appeal is such made ​​a detailed meeting , declared by giving the calendar an action plan is a very important and valuable developments in the Turkish economy of transformation and solution of problems . Mr. Prime Minister in thanking all of our relevant Ministers and in the eyes of the entire process , every step will be taken on behalf of the development of our country and our region's economy will still be there , would like to announce that we support , \"he said.

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