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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:01

Referee Girl And Safety, Pulled from League Team

Referee Girl And Safety, Pulled from League Team
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Amateur Yalova , president of the Club of the cluster team Yeşilovasp Turan Ages , the referee and pulled to safety from the angry team league .

Yalova news: Photo Police's attitude and Yeşilovasp that they withdrew from the referee because of U-19 League Club Chairman Turan Ages, \"Yeşilovasp with Coşkunsp is emerging as a malevolent U-19 youth team match faced the team and lineman errors come to ignore 45 minutes fitting condemn referee who broke the morale of our athletes with a penalty. with this also took refuge with nonstop yellow card as not enough, and one-sided attitude that literally in the field to finish the Yeşilovasp young team , two teams of athletes in the slightest scuffle , non-verbal bullying such a beautiful event 88 . finished in minutes and that objections to satisfy the ego of the results who were admitted to earnestly red card referee Abdullah Çetinçelik we complain . these results surrounding our athletes as if there were events in the field as a result of 20-30 thirty police officers of our behavior, we were upset . athletes we left the team after this incident, . We also wish to note the league in distress-19 age group that we regretfully withdrawn from the petition that we give to not live , \"he said .

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