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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 17:22

Reflections on the bus station was the feast Mobility

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Festivals taking place in Diyarbakir, the bus company is not reflected in mobility .

Diyarbakır news: Ticket sales , the company has remained below expectations . Company officials , the only hope for the feast the next , he said .
Both aircraft prices than in past years cheapening both gasoline more expensive due to the ticket prices rising and therefore the number of passengers per bus companies Eid also hope that I could not find . Feast of the Diyarbakır reflection of mobility Intercity Bus Terminal , ticket sales , travel remained far below the expectations of the company . The government encouraged companies wishing officials airliner incentives for the bus company supplied to the asked.
\" remote provinces to sell tickets not \"
Hasan Diyarbakir Travel company employee Ramadan Galin, bus companies ticket sales history years to be like , said:\"Passengers on arrival intensity but the flow in the expected intensity does not exist. daily average of 50 tickets can sell . this is also a bus even not filling . Additionally we sell tickets always nearby counties . İstanbul, İzmir and Ankara as far away provinces tickets can not sell ,\"he said . < br/> in Syria, the problems encountered and fuel is expensive ticket sales affect attention Galin , \"especially fuel are very expensive. citizens in the transportation of the aircraft to do are in favor . Aircraft provided to the possibilities we never showed. the same possibilities for us in ensuring we want,\"he said. < br/> \" STATE CONTACT FACILITIES Sun Sun \"
has Bingöl Travel employee Mehmet Göntürk , the approximately 10 days before any intensity that only two days, the feast that with a little bit of a toss of the experience , noting that \"this mobility also mentioned the fact that a recession very large compared to previous years ,\"he said .
vehicle due to high gas prices can not go next time Göntürk explaining , \"We do not use in diesel leak . Because so consistently can be fined . From Istanbul to Diyarbakir-90 TL We are carrying passengers . Aircraft carry between 240 and 300 pounds . Nevertheless, it can not do business . State aircraft that it offers the possibility of us also offer then we thought maybe we can do business , \"he said.
Solomon farmer named an employee develop in the course of the more intensive than that by saving ,\"Day after a bit of mobility are welcome. Because arrivals will be returned. We hope the next feast , \"he said .

Reflections on the bus station was the feast Mobility" comments for.


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