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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:13

Reform Action Group Meeting

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Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, \"To create a perception that Turkey is against the great efforts spent much we know.

Ankara news: Turkey's correct language terms to be told by the right people and get the right to conduct a study on this issue of fact, and this work in accordance with all the efforts taken a principle decision in handling the international world. \"Photo Reform Action Group ( REG) Meeting, European Union Minister and Chief Negotiator Volkan Steppe , Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and Interior Minister Efkar Alain was held in JW Marriott Hotel with the participation . at a press conference held after the REG meeting Bozdag Minister , said that realization of the reg's first meeting , more before the 30 meetings had been made and the next meeting , he said will be conducted in January in Istanbul. Bozdag, \"the issues evaluated in this meeting , especially the European Court of Human Rights and international agreements within the framework of regulating the freedom of expression in Turkey criminal law and the screening of the provisions of special laws and in reviewing these reports and other related EU acquis framework decision was made to do work for the reorganization . Our Foreign Ministry in this context, the EU , our Ministry , Interior Ministry , Justice Ministry and a commission was established with the participation of other related sectors and these commissions work to be completed no later than January , and will evaluate where we are meeting thereafter Reform Action Group and we will share with the public , \"he said . Photo Bozdag Minister is related with other decisions taken said:
\"legal arrangements made after another decision in the September 12 coup after the Constitution comes into force or before the review of all these regulations and legislation reflecting the logic of here Sept. 12 coup to be individually obtained and ultimately making according to our law today , taking out their national law , the decision was made to establish a commission for the harmonization with the EU acquis . In this context, the Commission will work to deliver the reports to the Reform Action Group . This report will be submitted to parliament later Ministerial Committee and also because it requires legislation . This is a very comprehensive study. Should not be expected to be concluded in a short period of time. Currently a large number of laws we apply the law , unfortunately, September 12 products . Here the screening undemocratic and moved out of our national law principle incompatible with the rule of law and will be finalized by making the fundamental to the rule of law. We think it's an important decision in that. \"Photo Turkey facing the negative perception for the elimination of what stated that evaluating the issues that needs to be done Bozdag, \"To create Turkey's against the perception that great efforts are spent as we all know . They asked who it was made by the management that we know very closely . In this context, in terms of explaining the right person and get right to a correct language realities of Turkey to conduct a study on this issue and in this line of work was taken a principle decision in handling the international world of all the efforts, \"he said . Presentation at 3 one at a Photo Meeting Bozdag announcing that , \"I was here evaluations on journalists with journalists and prisoners imprisoned in Turkey and this assessment in that we are not as put that there are organizations related to the EU and other journalists of the data was possible for us to see once more closely ,\"he said . Photo Bozdag Minister also noting that the evaluation is done on the internal security reform package contained in the Parliamentary Justice commission explained that the assessment made ​​on the Judiciary package.

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