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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:47

Refreshing Join Namazgah

Refreshing Join Namazgah
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In the town of Canakkale, Gallipoli , located in the historic Namazgah Lantern Square , is being restored according to the original .

Çanakkale news:
in 1407 Skanderbeg by the time the sea gunsmith's for the built such structures in the most glorious and the most beautiful of acceptable Gallipoli Lantern Square in Namazgah , the tender and refreshing. From Gallipoli to examine in situ restoration work Balikesir Foundation Regional Director Mohammed Shakir Eran, the Mayor met with the architect Mustafa Özacar . Namazgah the renewal of the meeting exchanged views on the project , the President Özacar Namazgah local government in the regulation of the environment to fulfill their duties as they were ready , he said. When that bear witness to the historical tissues should be preserved , and that works to future generations must be delivered that too care underlined that President Özacar Foundation, Regional Director Eran district from different parts of the registered fountains and other works taken under protection requested . To themselves abandoned , dilapidated Notable for its historic structures, textures and properties of intact care and cleaning perform emphasizing that they Özacar , the foundation of the responsibilities and tasks included in the field Yazicioglu Fountain and wire fountain works such as the renewal of the requesting any contribution would present stressed. Following negotiations held in Namazgah Mayor Mustafa Özacar , Regional Director of the Foundation Mohammed Shakir registered with Eran looked at the works .


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