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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:08

Regional Amateur League

Regional Amateur League
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Zonguldak Kömürsp Coach Cahit Tailor, league assessment and told the club's league status.

Zonguldak news:
Club helps in building teacher together with the press conference, BAL League team Zonguldak Kömürspor of evaluating the status of Cahit Tailor, said:
"First of all in the world of the miners, Miners Day, I celebrate. we miners in we were born for all the miners' day be blessed. course per season last year distressed there is a process we know. last minute of the third league lost a moral disorder that begins with the season we had. all people's hope was gone. Everyone now this job can not be thinking of morale and motivation disorder whole city was covered. We in this context, the team's happened to me when given the task, along with a squad made. Everybody said, 'This team relegated, business does. ' s in the city that there is a perception. Malum in circles such a perception had. But of course this happened the process to be had. This process together nine weeks we lived. past years remaining goalkeeper Ahmed, Farhad, John, never played small Hussein. last year left these players have. Complete team was dispersed. we in these conditions have created a number. Plenty of camp with four friendly matches have done. Season began. nine games, seven wins and a draw we got. Currently the team leader. İstanbul group of really strong group. these groups to fight was really hard. But we footballers rely on our were. Our management is very nice gave support. This support is in line with the benefit of hindsight were paid. football players, match salaries, down payment and the premium received. really nice things began to be. last year four-match ban had. This process spectators challenges of playing always lived together. But nine games, seven had defeated. someone draws remaining leadership to sit really the team's strength was showing. Ours, this way when we started our business is very difficult knew. an audience, playing four matches suspended to be truly a team for a great handicap was. But a snap, the technical committee, players and management coupled with their exceeding familiar. team to be successful you do not want to have some people. course we they never heed not. We, us loving, honest, honorable, teams that support our people we trust. ever menfaatsiz increased Uncovering increased Uncovering support team to our audience trust. Anatolian teams amalgamation us great power gave. us away and internally to support our motivation 100 percent increased. Last we played spectator matches in this instance it seemed. This is really against us in small teams do not. example, Sultan Gazi population of 750 thousand. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality centers perhaps Zonguldak two or three times. We had such a team with 're struggling. economic sense in us very top of. But we have an audience with integrating their power to break got a chance. Currently Our course is very nice. this league 7-8 very strong team there. example Kozla Belediyespor last year, Ankara's most in-form the best team was . And the team disrupt did. Sultangazi Belediyespor all championship played. Other teams were also very good. we of these teams in the leading position arrived. We leadership to end the season will not leave. At least we in this league in the always will be., but only our wish in this league always be first is . Hopefully together late in the season so we will see. Technical committee contributions there. So far in Zonguldak first time something that. our instructors so far for their support and for his efforts on them, thank you. these soups their labor has lots of. certain circles our staff is insufficient difficulty. Friend, I ask, which team easily is winning. Great team See which effortlessly matches are taking. We also forced the match will be. them that everyone must respect. But we also are forced matches will be. every team 5-0, 10-0 to beat not possible. these issues the team's ruthless criticism is not cool. Its the football understands every human knows that leadership, to be a champion is never easy. Sets the hard way passes, precipitous roads, winding roads pass through and plain it quits. we been down this road passing. And our own favor very nice undergone situation. these groups at the top we are. Art intentioned people do not mean clean, neat and Zonguldaksporl real spectators'm telling you. trust us, we will succeed. their confidence never wiil not disappoint. these teams with them hand in hand, arm in arm, shoulder shoulder to the professional league will carry. I call it I believe wholeheartedly. Forced, we forced the places we, of course, there. we to criticism is always welcome. currently a very nice outgoing have a great team. Takımı'mızın harmony just do not wanna. Team, we are confident. Credits our currently going great! . Currently our agenda not transfer. past this type of trouble was experienced. Especially those issues currently going into. present our team counting on you, with this team circuit between the far'll go. missing if we have the technical committee and the government budget in line with our subject, maybe we can do can be transferred. But now our four very important to have a game. This week ever score a team that will go to. Zonguldakspor two years ago in Safranbolu sufferings, you know. Our experiences so nice to us was a lesson.'s Bursa match is also very nice've prepared.'re playing four games of 13 points and could shut the first half, very nicely in positions of leadership can be completed. All our motivation and our energy in that direction I want to take. Technical committee, players and management about it, everyone is convinced. past four weeks so we pretty much want to close. we would like first direct third league let it out. One can enjoy the city we give. Together last three or four weeks before the championship round of the let. But, unfortunately, this year the program has changed. Screening duly arrived. us then we will do the first two being inside. Play off to stay at. Hopefully the first will stay. I our team's professional league Meet believe. Bursa together wish to accomplish. Taraftarımızın really has great support. Cities engagement began. really the first five to six weeks had thought. This team does what. last four matches of the group is the strongest team was done with. all won. On points we got. Lovely output caught. his team to trust began. these trust never to disturb. these successes will continue. We are very humble team have established. Ben players in the selection of a direct impact you. always know that I know the players, transfers have. I've been patient. I season since the beginning of my mouth did not open. Defamation up with phrases on the internet I came across. But as I said God me the patience gave. elapsed time all was silent. answer only place where the field was. we the people our answer on the pitch we received with scores and rankings in our place will give. Now everyone was shot on location., our supporters increased Uncovering Zonguldak Kömürspor supporting people who love. They say the enemy if you do not succeed you're not. necessarily our enemies will be. But everything we breaking will continue. these achievements all management, technical committee, the players' success. Supporter of the press, all of Zonguldak of the city's success. Together the power is born. Our world Our philosophy this. we all forces will combine. we everyone who supported us thank,"he said.
teacher and reporters after a press conference together at breakfast.


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