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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:55

Regional Amateur League

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1968 Chelsea club president Bedirhan Akyol, some media organs has denied the allegations .

Diyarbakır news:
Akyol, today some media organs involved in ,'1968 Pagudpud , the players and the technical team's salary Business-exchange rate is paid'and'Club President Bedirhan Akyol political identities by using the work holds'denies reports . Cemil Governor made ​​a statement in the clubhouse in Serhatlı Sports Facilities Bedirhan Akyol, Diyarbakir for services to young people during the 8 million pounds spent 25 years as club president , he said. Akyol, \"TARIMSPOR , Ziraatsp and New Pagudpud as the teams have brought . Their own land and my property using my athletes I looked at my . My forehead is clear . Mala-Mira construction of our club is the sponsor . Allah be praised for those of us is enough . News intentionally were made . Honor with this job I have been , until the end of the job will take. AK Party to be nobody's business , criticism my services looking to be done is more important. Diyarbakir football imagine that we are seen in the period football revive have . so far only one explanation did not. these kind of news Diyarbakir young people is damaging , \"he said .
\" sponsor us ANKARA DAN sUPPORTS \"
Super Amateur League championship after living Mala-Mira building's owner Mehmet Baykara them from Ankara support that the transfer Akyol , \"he Diyarbakir has taken many important steps for the future of young people . did not do as advertising them until now. thrown on me money now I'm giving false news . Business-Setup any technical committee and my salary is not a footballer . My sponsor is like a mountain lover Diyarbakir . We do not need anyone . God willing we will get the title sponsor Mehmet Baykara it is the only supporter . He owned us in his seat in Ankara . Thank you . Our goal is to go to Division 3 . This kind of false news will not discourage us , \"he said .

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