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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:26

Regular Tax Payer Green Passport is Coming to taxpayers

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Dr. AK Party Manisa deputy .

Dr. AK Party Manisa deputy . Muzaffer Citizen, tax paying citizens to reward the regular tax deduction for conducting studies in giving the green passport and explained.
Tax regular paying citizens for awarding their demands are evaluating and the Ministry of Finance in this regard conducted studies indicating that the victorious Citizen, taxes regularly taxpayers who pay for the tax cuts is on the agenda , he said.
\"Tax insolvent trades our payment to facilitate arrangements are made. in this context, interest forgiven , in installments, payment convenience fetching . these cases taxes regularly paying citizens wronged are becoming \"the description found in the citizen, shopkeepers and businessmen associations themselves a request , he said. Citizen, \"Mr. Minister Mehmet Şimşek talked with and bureaucrats in this regard modifications has instructed . Then tax-paying citizens ease of paying taxes will be provided, tax partial , albeit a discount concerned will be checking more flexible will be made . A tax record is created tax-paying citizens be followed more closely , \"he said .
tax regular paying taxpayers should be rewarded underlines the citizen, \"the Ministry of Finance we stepped . tax regular paying citizens the green passport related suitors there . passport law arrangements in a bid will, \"he said.

Regular Tax Payer Green Passport is Coming to taxpayers" comments for.


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