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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:38

Related have informed Bill

Related have informed Bill
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Social Security Institution (SGK ) Provincial Directorate of Edirne , held an informative meeting about the bag law .

Edirne news: Photo Edirne Free Accounting and Financial Advisors Chamber ( ESMMMO ) to inform held in the meeting room , SSI Edirne Provincial Director Hayrettin Karbuz , the ESMMMO President Kenan Blackbirds , accountants, joined headmen and citizens . Photo ESMMMO President Kenan Blackbirds , his informative seminars in his opening remarks , the meeting issues related to the restructuring of some of that will be regulated by law No. 6552 , he said. Blackbirds , \"you detailed information will be given regarding Social Security matters to the participants. The expressed to us in the meeting board president I attended regarding the first audit TURMOB has made ​​education agreement with Ankara University and Isik University . However, it is available in the detailed information about our Chamber website. Tomorrow morning çorlu'Trakya Rooms We have decided to act together collected as president. Our decision taken at the meeting will be submitted to you , \"he said . Photo Social Security Edirne Provincial Director Hayrettin Karbuz , 6552 Law No. scope of primary law concerning the restructure their debts October 1 date of entry into force of that said, \"our goal is to ensure that benefit from the 6552 numbered Law of all our stakeholders with a debt to our institution ,\"he said . Photo Provincial Directorate as all the segments they serve with their studies during the application's participation reaching all who said they aimed to maximize the level Karbuz , \"the most important task when performing that goal we are aware that you first fall . So much so that even the benefit of our insured due to lack of knowledge of the law will be lost to us . Benefit from the convenience of paying without missing deadlines Law No. 6552 of our citizens who will be the advantages of debt . Can not benefit from health services because of the debt premium 4/B, Annex 5 , Appendix G-6 and universal health insurance are subject to the subparagraphs of the first paragraph of Article 60 of Law ; The absence of more premium debts than 60 days from the next current month from the date of structured , configured the first installment of the debt payments and person that configuration as long as the violation dependents with them will, under general health insurance will benefit from health services. In addition, the configuration of their debts employers can take is no debt write , because of these debt enforcement to undergo the monitoring and sequestration process can benefit from the incentives , \"he said . Then the changes and the ease with related Supervisor Jennifer Özpırang the bill of Photo speech he told the audience.


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