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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:07

Related Regulation Coming to Green Building

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Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning , Sustainable and Green Building Sustainable Settlements Draft Regulation on Certification System \"prepared.

Environment and Urban Planning , Sustainable Sustainable and Green Building Settlements Certification Draft Regulation on the System \"was prepared .
Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce the instruction of relevant public institutions and organizations, professional chambers and civil society views and regulations based on the recommendations for work was done .
system for granting Ministry certificate regulatory framework to be found in the regulatory position. the Ministry will constitute a Standing Committee that includes representatives of various institutions. the Standing Committee reviews the title will be determined by the weight points and principles and \"Sustainable Green Building Baseline Assessment Guide \"will be published. be authorized by the Standing Committee on certification Bodies shall have the authority to issue certificate within the system. the building and the settlement of certificates who want to get the certification body will be able to apply through sustainability experts to be authorized by them or their ministry. Assessors involved in the certification bodies , to assess building or settlement in the manual evaluation criteria and the certification body will issue certificates to those eligible . To carry out the secretarial duties related to the Ministry Photo certification system . Records relating to the certificate system will be established by the Ministry of National Green Building Information System ( UYBBS ) will take place in the database.
Environment and Urban Planning Ministry, the energy at national and local level under this ordinance efficient , environmentally friendly, using less water , the place where geographical aims to expand the building application that uses the properties. In addition, the promotion of renewable energy technologies to reduce CO2 emissions , energy efficiency and awareness of renewable energy and the development of capacity also aims at encouraging the construction of sustainable buildings for the purpose of certification addressing the criteria , country-specific sustainability targets the creation of a sustainable settlement certificate program with green building. Photo Thread evaluating Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce , \"We are certain institutions that we give our license after removing the regulation yes this place is green building he will give you the document. our own company in Turkey , our own local companies will make seals native to document our green building. this is a time which makes me happy a situation . Because he had a problem so far about our certification , \"he said .

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