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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:36

Related to the use of funds from the Ministry of Abu Abu Description

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Ministry of European Union , on the use of EU funds spending in the framework of the EU rules , transparent and accountable manner certainly be recorded in the said.

Ankara news:
EU from the Ministry said in a statement , some media organizations involved in EU funds are not followed or under the sign spent without the perception that may cause the actual reflective of news takes place indicating that some of the information the information shared with the public in the benefits seen were recorded.
by EU countries , \"Pre-Accession Assistance \"( IPA) funds provided how to use the EU on this issue every country in the same way the rules applied in accordance with the determined by expressing the project expenditures for the EU contribution , the EU Commission budget directly from the Treasury within our created \"National Fund \"a transfer were noted.
of these funds financial management , the EU Commission , all such similar status for countries envisaged a different accounting system exercised through , and also by the EU Commission inspected regularly emphasized that \"the expenditures under EU rules , the transparent and certainly accountable way are recorded \"the statement said .
National Agency regarding the EU Commission in 2014, the audit was carried out and recorded ,\"last month , resulting in the said audit Report, also under the National Agency procedures , relevant legislation were confirmed to be held in accordance with \"expression was used .

Related to the use of funds from the Ministry of Abu Abu Description" comments for.


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