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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:00

Remains Identified Turkey Championship Teams

Remains Identified Turkey Championship Teams
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The Little Ones Table Tennis Group Contest held in 4 regions across Turkey, Yalova stage ended .

Yalova news: Photo 2 days of competition to host team was marked Yalova . In the men's category with first Yalova Youth Services Sports Club , which is second to FC Yalova , Yalova FC is still in the girls category , then the second Bursaspor has obtained the right to go to Turkey Championship. Yalova date between 8-9 November 2014 90th Anniversary of the 17 provinces in 32 men met in the Sports Hall and has a total of 260 athletes , including 25 girls struggle . First the Yalova Youth Services Sports Club Group , the first 16 in Bursa Metropolitan Belediyespor'u first 8 semi-finals in Istanbul Besiktas and DSI-finals with a 3-1 beating of the name .
Another Yalova Istanbul Metropolitan Belediyespor'u team in the first 16 , the first at 8 pm Special Administrative Yolspor Bursa Nilüfer Municipality and the semi-finals by beating the 3-0 final opponent was Yalova Youth Services Sports Club. Talha Ağbaba, Butay Yilmaz and Aziz Can Gulec skin consists of Yalova Gençlikspor Table Tennis Team finals Yucel January Seyithan Flowers and Emirhan consisting of Flowers Yalova FC Table Tennis cut fight the breath of the team. His opponent 3-2 defeated Yalova Gençlikspor host adjective vehicles as champions in group competitions if Yalova FC will be held in Eskisehir second in June of 2015, he qualified for the final encounter. Photo of Girl ECE Tribute, ECE Kocabaş and rain silver to with struggling Yalova FC-final encounters Bursaspor 3-2 defeat when the group process 2 was complete and Turkey was eligible to participate in the Championship .
who are entitled to participate in the men's category in Turkey Championship teams Yalova Youth Services Sports Club , Yalova FC Istanbul DSI Sports, Nülif FC, Zonguldak Province Special Administration Road Sports , Beşiktaş, Istanbul Veteran, Yalova FC B, in the girls Bursaspor, Yalova FC, Istanbul Metropolitan FC , Istanbul Special Provincial Administration Road Sports , Bursa Metropolitan , İstanbul DS Sports was Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is Kağıtsp .


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