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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 08:52

Remove the CHP congress right

Remove the CHP congress right
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Republican People's Party (CHP), Soke District Organization will hold its congress on December 3rd will determine the new president and administration.

Aydın news: began to become clear before
Congress candidates . Mel from the former district head Sharp, after City Council member Hüseyin Day explained that candidates Erkan Polat former district president. Insistence of Photo Party members and requests on stating that the decision to become a candidate Melda Keskin ; \"I have the support of my friends , taking over as my love eternal service to the party , I decided to become a candidate in the congressional districts combining my heart with the working fellow ,\"he said . Said
where in the country the situation in opposition to the crucial role that Hussein during the day ; \"They analyze and better the structure of our world and country , we need to produce appropriate policies in our region . Agriculture, industry and should target the production in the countryside , we put forward policies to solve unemployment . Is going to get Republican gains ,\"he said . Soke CHP ensure unity within the party as soon as possible , said the municipality and aims to make the party walks harmony relationship Hussein day ; \"The Union will go to elections with the synergies arising from the cooperation and solidarity. We aim to further increase the percentage of votes in Söke . This synergy should be our goal as CHP spread all over the country , the CHP should be the ruling party. It can only unity can provide with unity and solidarity ,\"he said . Photo CHP district in the Presidency of the candidates who Erkan Polat description ; \"Protecting our liberationist character as CHP is our first priority. Our liberationist understanding of state administration , which manifests itself in the management of the party. Our party is the largest power organization. Shall be nominated beliefs power and received from the organization. That's what I örgütüme and the organization's members and the support I received delegates relying on them and I explained that I was a candidate for District President CHP power , \"he said . Since 1999, it works without change to the political line of the party at various levels , indicating that the CHP District Governor Nominee defend the rule of political life throughout the organization Erkan Polat ; \"We will work for the unity of our party with our teammates . We will provide the organization and embrace the municipality . The CHP in Söke making reasonable efforts to end the grouping and re-polarization with them within the organization will make a strong organization,\"he said.

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