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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:23

Renewed Mosques in hospitals

Renewed Mosques in hospitals
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Patients of all health facilities affiliated with the Association of Public Hospitals were placed Denizli Qibla pointer to the room , was converted into a mosque organized worship again.

Denizli news: Also Kerim desired Qur'an from the Directorate of Religious Affairs , Islamic Catechism and were distributed to educational tutorial books Union health resort for children. Photo Denizli continues its new application for health hotel management services in public hospitals Union General Secretariat walked the project with the health facility . Finally, all health facilities were placed pointer to the qibla of the patient rooms , the name of the mosque was converted into a place of worship and unity of the two major hospitals in Denizli State and Servergazi State Hospital of places of worship is refreshing organized until the interior and the door from the vent . It also requested the Secretary-General of the Presidency of Religious Affairs sent from the Holy Quran , Islamic Catechism educational tutorials and books were distributed to the Union health resort for children. Photo Denizli Open General Secretary of the Association of Public Hospitals . Dr. Osman Acar, on behalf of their patients to live as comfortable as possible while being treated in health care facilities and distress stated that they continued to make new applications. Acer:\"for our patients to be comfortable while being treated in our health facilities and these places leave satisfied is very important to us. Recently, in all of our inpatient health facilities in order to experience difficulties in fulfilling their worship of our sick patients to the ceiling of the room , on the'qibla'by and with the Kaaba picture, Qibla we put arrows showing the direction. Again, 11 health facilities in our mosques of editing the name in order to make the worship of our patients from all religions'worship'we've changed . and religious Affairs Qur'an sent in our request according to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Holy trainers for Islamic Catechism and children instructional books , which is active in our health facilities'we gave our bookmobile . Thus, the treatment of our health facilities children, young people , enabling them to assess reading books when our patients older ages'have been added new to our books in our bookmobile . on behalf of the General Secretariat for the books they send to our Religious Affairs too Thank you , \"he said .


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