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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:50

Rental Contracts in Izmit Municipality

Rental Contracts in Izmit Municipality
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İzmit Municipality lease auctions were held.

Kocaeli news: 12 The owners of the place as a result of 22 rental contracts in place Photo municipal ownership was unclear. Emine Zeybekler , announced the Erdogan Cakir and Ercan in the tender held council's composed of Hopeful in the Akcakoca neighborhood Suleiman Pasha showroom in Bath and cafeteria pension to 500 pounds Mehmet Short renting 3 annual rent as advance it . ATM location 3 annual rent shall be in cash salary 1450 pounds İşbankası Kuruçeşme , Yahya ATM place in Captain likewise 3 annual rent to the pension 1500 pounds shall be in cash loan Turkish Economy Bank of . Association tavern in months 70 pounds Kocaeli in Yenidoğan against Cancer Society given Izmit District opposite the buffet and tea garden , one-year rent pension shall be in cash 650 pounds Osman Pinga to the buffet in Malta Quarter 3 annual rent of months in advance Serkan Mete 1155 pounds , the buffet in the neighborhood of the loan Tepeköy 3 years rent in advance to be offset against pension Osman Şahin 1155 pounds . Tenders in Karabaş District in the parking lot for 3 years rent by cash in pension of 750 pounds all Uslu , by Gülen Nihat workplace pension of 150 pounds in Hasancik by Kufallı in workplace pension of 250 pounds Elaine Sökmen, housing pension in Sulaimaniya, 200 pounds Salim Aydın and also in the workplace by Karaabdülkaki hired by Hasan Ozturk pension of 150 pounds. The place in question was learned that the 3-year period of the lease .

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