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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:49

Responding to the criticism was Dörtdivan Mayor

Responding to the criticism was Dörtdivan Mayor
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Bolu Municipality Assembly Dörtdivan'Bol Street'instead of changing the name of the Chairman of AK Party City Mayor Yüksel Coşkunyürek be given after the name of Hasan Uzunoğlu spoke for the first time .

Bolu news: Photo Bolu days debate that cause and CHP Bolu deputy Tanju Özcan hard Dördiv the Municipality reacts plenty Street instead of changing the name of the council's decision AK Party Provincial Chairman Yüksel Coşkunyürek Mayor after the delivery of the name Hasan Uzunoğlu first once he said. Uzunoğlu , \"after this joint decision taken by our different political views belonging to councilors CHP Bolu deputy Tanju my Ozcan personally and Provincial President Mr. Yuksel Coşkunyürek has launched a smear campaign aimed at . City before about signs that the said our president as that of any claim , as relevant in the evening on Friday has reached us and active politics has requested the removal of the sign stating that discovery state ethics due to the continuation of life. We meet in his request of our provincial president in the same day , \"he said .

Responding to the criticism was Dörtdivan Mayor" comments for.


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