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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:39

Response AK Party Istanbul deputy from Saral Israel

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Justice and Development Party (AK Party) İstanbul deputy Oktay Saral, Israeli soldiers entered the Masjid-i Aqsa react to , \"is the name of a much larger case of the Palestinian territories, \"he said.

Ankara news: Photo AK Party Saral, in his written statement, Zionism , Masjid-i stressing that violates his conscience not humanity the altar of Al Aqsa \"Humanity's Harem-i contaminate Ismet . no liability feel that Zionism against humanity , self every brutality recognize no right to life kind of took holy trampled , \"he said.
\"We're where the Word of bits , \"said Saral said:Photo \"because we're where the Word of bits , have blocked even ambassadors murdering divine counsel sent by God ear , recidivist from the prophet thuggery this mentality , what international law rules nor to compliment the universal ethical values ​​revealed Filistin'demütemadi that . the United Nations in Palestine emerges with defense lawyers identity of the killer at a time. Therefore, the defense of the Palestinian cause does not wait for the assassin . \"Photo Saral , said:Photo \"as farm land from the Palestinian territory against the Ottoman debt to the Jews who want to \"give ground on cookie size , \"said Abdulhamid Han can not be understood without understanding the Palestinian cause . Because Palestine, trying to centuries of enslavement Oriental society , floating up to her skin , who do not know what is sated however, against an ambitious political imperialism is the resistance of the Oriental nation positions . The lost foothold in Palestine in the Caucasus is lost positions. Be no Palestine in Skopje , is to be sentenced in the Balkans, in Kosovo. This day was made because it's Mursi'nin impact on the Palestinian cause in Egypt in weakness of the Islamic world. In Syria, if there is blood and tears in Iraq; Palestine is because vicdanlarkana . Therefore, in Palestine, the land is the name of a much larger case . Our prayers in this sensitive context says you get Palestine; \"I Muntaner \"I'm waiting for the day of vengeance . \"

Response AK Party Istanbul deputy from Saral Israel" comments for.


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