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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 17:11

Response from the head to the Rector CHP

Response from the head to the Rector CHP
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Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Mehmet Top of Hakkari Province , Hakkari University Rector

Hakkari news: Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Mehmet Top of Hakkari Province , Hakkari University Rector Dr. Abu Bakr to resign Ceylan has criticized harsh expressions .
Party Chief held a press conference in the building previously Rector Dr. They asked 12 questions they could not answer Ceylan , both he and Hakkari public expect answers to these questions , he said. Rector Dr. Ceylan to answer prepared for the 11 new questions also journalists share with the Head, \"foreign visit your Hakkari University what kind contribution was ? Left that for 2 years, the university's investment budget performance to the public please explain ? Mr. President , this year's budget negotiations why did not you go ? Economics and the Faculty of Fine Arts faculty members , although why these two schools will not open ? incoming teachers why being fired? Loving the teachers , administrative and academic staff concerning anonymous letter that you print right? these letters to students who are ? In that case how manager dismissed or few people were forced to resign ? Names Can you explain ? Currently 150 students in the country wait in line , and that students'dormitories settle for failing left on the street they know ? these students for what will you do? students to enroll why Hakkari not they come ? families prostitution referred to a university to send their children Do you know what they want ? Sit down and write during the week of the academic year in Van Van, whether you have signed with your private car correct? 8 times a year, the faculty member opened an investigation against what you apologize and explain what peace ? Mr. Chopra,'brother'he is addressing an assistant professor in the university officials who? Mr Ceylan, two years ago, when you first start the mission , you will convert up to two years of university campuses and the resigning when you said you would convert . The time is now and not betray your Hakkari more , \"he said.

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