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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:39

Response from the SP CHP Headscarves

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Government regulations concerning the head covering said they found a positive Felicity Party ( SP) District Chairman Ertan Inegeul dairy , CHP responds , \"O CHP ! Cover your head with this nation , what gives you the faith to deal with ? \"He said.

Bursa news:
district board and the city council with members in the party press conference President Ertan milkman , \"As you know, about 20 days ago Our schools of education began . adequate but not head coverings on the steps taken as positive that the head cover serbestlilig in all areas of the implementation rights is everywhere, this right should be used what it means. SPE every auspicious step stand by . Currently in Syria primary school head cover free , in Iraq , but that the situation of countries in the middle.'s why I always larger map look stressed the importance're doing . announced by the government as it is 1-2 amend the article, being so simple headscarf stance on today, so why not made , son of our many years why persecuted that questioned the need to , \"he said .
head scarf freedom of attitudes because of the CHP criticized the milkman \"O CHP ! or if any of these folks only area that deal with religion , faith , head cover . these folks with the head cover , what gives you the faith to deal with ? Ruling party almost all public institutions yaygınlaştırırk CAL does not sound at the CHP's headscarf , but when it comes to business immediately turns sounds . These people, these folks what gives you the faith to deal with ? We are calling our brothers and sisters here CHP . You are the biggest supporters of the AKP . Our people ,'What should we do , you're not the AKP , CHP, are you here ?'He says. Exploited our workers , our country is being dragged into the swamp in the Middle East impasse in lush sound , if the sound head cover is released, of course, that our people have to say. But we say , the saints , our nation what happened to him it is doomed because this nation's true identity-bearing, self-representing , since the force field , the future is walking towards the ambitious, determined to have a party , it's Felicity Party, \"he said.

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