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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:00

Response of the drivers Sesob

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Sakarya Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association (SESOB) 's Commercial Vehicles Using only implemented in Sakarya document requested from the driver response has led to charges of $ 150.

Sakarya Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association (SESOB) 's Commercial Vehicles Using only implemented in Sakarya document requested from the driver 150 £' like reactions has led to charges.
by SESOB all in Sakarya minibus taxi, taxis, public buses and shuttle vans to the use of the mandatory Certificate from the Commercial Vehicles £ 150, minibus taxi pulled the reaction of trades. Education are not against but the money given to them feel heavy that said the drivers of this education, or to be free or at a reasonable price in return wanted it to be.
Group taxis with Kemal Hayaloğlu this training to promote SESOB chief Hasan Alishan stop of the visit, said:said :"A dapazarı driver in the trades taught, he said, and this training Governorship of Sakarya, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and SESOB jointly developed by the project have said that. Everyone should take this decision Municipality, UKOME and Sakarya is approved by the Governor explained to us. 150 £ ' is more than the number required of us as we tell the president offered excuses and this event was so close."
driver of trades already diem method that works and that money forcing themselves that tells Abraham Çakar, he continued as follows:"At the moment 150 € they want. This money chauffeur trades for a good money because wages without going home friends there. Our friends in the afternoon in the car when they come out to the car diesels are expenses of the costs except the money does not stay and with this money the chance to give a little difficult."
Cost waist twist Ergun stated that Bulut, said continued :"B trace this against education that we do not end up back were we specify., however, what this training 150 € you have driver tradesmen us against one is an injustice. This training causes surcharge is given still do not understand. past year trade and industry chamber group of companies and student services for no charge without such training gave. We thus the certificates are paid against. Hacıoğlu from the stop of a friend of the Ministry of Transport of this incident by telephone to report the results certainly our affiliates we chauffeurs room such a sanction that, and this course us six months or once a year to provide free ought fee receipt is definitely wrong even fee receipt, the Ministry of Transport sent wanted."
SESOB President Hasan Alishan, the Governorship of Sakarya, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and teşkilatımızın secondary to Driver and Vehicle B have done with we are meeting as a result no longer in commercial vehicles drivers running our friends the flow of traffic in work in peace passenger satisfaction that the people in Sakarya carrying our drivers safely cruising go and to reach the point to reach in terms of training decided, he said. At this point professionals, the Sakarya Governor's Office, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and was jointly founded a joint study protocol was signed describing the Alishan, said :"M evcut de facto occupation and perform the art that drives our friends 12 hours of training, this training on the road in safe driving techniques, anger, stress management, public relations, tourism and first-aid training in giving it the end of the exam performed at the exam showing friends the issuance of the certificate, who failed to re-examination and re-training are subjected to targets that we have a strong drive mass forming as a result, turmoil and stress Sakaryalı citizens safely accessible spots to drive maximum effort would. For this teşkilatımızın we are extremely stable."
strong for Sakarya serious an educational model that specifies Alishan,"These trainers Our Turkey across as professional training done and working in earnest to our friends. Our training our classes are 50 students per class is. course, both professional educators will demonstrate both the 50-person classroom training will give. these other training modules partially dearly corresponds. For this, we To resolve these services trades of our friends are charged 150 pounds. these charges completely completely educators to provide quality service, striving for a better quality of Sakarya are making trades."According to official information in Sakarya minibus taxi
315, 514 taxis, 919 minibuses, and 610 thousand 136 shuttle bus are special people. Employees as drivers of commercial vehicles when the driver 10 thousand drivers opposed to money interests certificate authorities wanted to get their hands on the subject.

Response of the drivers Sesob" comments for.


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