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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:32

Response of the Urban Forest bozbey

Response of the Urban Forest bozbey
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Regular meeting of City Council on October Nilufer Municipality of Atatürk's Urban Forest was marked by the decision to own the responsibility .

Bursa news: Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Bozbey , \"Metropolitan Municipality is put in ready ,\"he said .
Taken from Ataturk Urban Forest Nilüfer Municipality of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is transferred to the echoes . Speaking at a meeting of the Municipal Council lotus AK Party group Kavurmacı spokesman Ismail Hakki , President of the Urban Forest about Mustafa Bozbey Metropolitan District Council condemned in his speech said. Thereupon speaking Bozbey, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the service literally sits on top , he said.
Various channels of perception operation alleging Kavurmacılar responding to Bozbey, \"Atatürk's Urban Forest lotus land is not in , but the construct and the deed not . there is a labor there . Just ten years ago there spent lily pads 6 million TL have .'Directorate of Forestry single Nilüfer Municipality precedent , \"he said , this peer-eye planted ,\"he said .
Metropolitan Municipality all Bursalılara would complain saying President Bozbey, \"Yildirim , Osmangazi , and the remaining 15 districts of the Nilüfer Municipality has done as well as the forest does not need me ? Lightning a place in the mess. Why Municipality go and it does not make ready is put in ? \"he said.
Bozbey recently overlying pressure increased , saying that \"the election was behind the incredible pressure began. Seizing the war began. lotus contribute to the promotion , since it's way are trying to cut . these head to the first Nilufer all of the hand about putting lily of the game allows you to get No , you can not also . always like thirty percent in will remain , will remain , \"he said .
FSM Boulevard held at the efficacy of the Metropolitan Municipality by preventing the desired argues that President Bozbey, October 29th at the Hospital Area'Sertab Erener concert planned in the printed towards said. Read article from National Real Estate Directorate Bozbey , \"I do not talk to allegations , I'm talking to the document ,\"he said .
Forest City Metropolitan Municipality said they would move to confiscate the judiciary .

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