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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 12:32

Response to the MHP Kamer Genç

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Reacting to the CHP Tunceli deputy Kamer Genc MHP Ankara Deputy Ozcan Janice,"Whatever, against a woman is not able to find any disrespect towards.

CHP Tunceli deputy Kamer Genc react to the MHP Ankara Deputy Ozcan Janice,"No matter what a woman against any disrespect to find it is not possible. We Emine Erdogan, the Prime Minister's wife, beyond being a mother and as a woman, we see"he said.
in Parliament at a press conference the Prime Minister's group meeting, a speech criticizing the Ozcan Janice, the Prime Minister's speech in Diyarbakir with Barzani getting caught the frenzy of their claims. Divisiveness of the AK Party on, whether in saying that the Janissaries,"for the AK Party separatism a label, but is identity. Sect, ethnicity, region and gender discrimination, the AK Party's everyday jargon part of has become,"he said.
As regards the work of the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission"in the middle of the game itself, the AK Party has changed the rules of the game"the Janissaries, the AK Party was accused of and how to get up from the table. The AK Party's oriental cunning making in foreign policy defeat Iran victory over tried to translate claiming the Janissaries, said:
"Armenia signed with Zurich Protocol, what happened? Lula and Ahmadinejad and Iran have signed a nuclear swap agreement What is the fate ? Cyprus issue, you accept the Annan Plan which results thee?"
Prime Minister's Iran and the West of improved relations to Turkey reflected positively think that stating that the Janissaries,"In this matter he is mistaken, Iran and the West's improved relations with Turkey between Iran and economic relations healing may cause. Political relations on the same thing is impossible to say. because the Iran-Turkey relations but also Iran-Syria relations. Turkey's relations with Syria it's bad Iran and political relations would be better to wait for the future, and fails to read the facts of the region means well,"he said.
Japanese National Day reception at the CHP Tunceli deputy Kamer Genç Prime Minister Erdogan's wife Emine Erdogan's speech react to the questions concerning is over, the Janissaries,"especially women of politics making material was wrong underlines the need to. Whatever a woman against any disrespect to find it is not possible. we Emine Erdogan s Prime Minister's wife, beyond being a mother and as a woman we see in Turkey. mothers and women fall into the last state to know everyone. women violence, second-class treatment modified the condition we are still in Turkey stages have. A mother to a woman having our behavior when setting , when setting up your own style, attentive, I want to express that need to be respectful,"he said.
AK Party Deputy Chairman Huseyin Celik Kamer Genç CHP expulsion ask questions about the over the Janissaries,"Huseyin Celik, the other party in the affairs of such interventions self as a task accept. Huseyin Celik, Kamer Genç ' s mother curses from the CHP deputies expels waiting for something like this? Maybe the excitement immediately said it could be anything, but we do not find the right"was the description.

Response to the MHP Kamer Genç" comments for.


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