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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 17:14

Restu Ankapark from Melih on Twitter

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Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih, Ankara's biggest project is one of the Ankapark percent of 65'n have been completed , but some of the rooms ideological obsession because this project tried to block , said:\"Ankapark , or over, or will be over , so invest 3 janitor asked is he to be taken to the streets , \"he said .

Ankara news:
MAG, courts appropriateness decision of the law is not suitable declaring said:\"Ankara Melih and the Municipal Council have selected , choose them entrusted . business , but it also does not sound as their choice to accept friends . New regulations are coming. now these types of judgments within 3 months culminated with . Administrative courts expediency decision can not . this issue next week the Constitutional Court will apply . \"
MAG Twitter account, Ankapark construction end of the images and Ankapark made ​​in the \"Roller Coaster \"attempts images shared. MAG President on this issue following twit threw
-\"I hope Ankapark or will be finished or will be finished ... so much invested three janitor he asked the street does to be taken ?
Relay and Coaster ride takes courage \"
President MAG's tweets on the profile photo CHP logo , the Mustafa Gulja the
-\"time required permissions if you had it , according to the head of Ankara money risking'd have .
-\"That investment of course you're going to waste . But'if I do become'mentality and get out of working , and the law recognizes no \"
Mayor MAG also twit the continued:
-\"This plan lets go of the year is going on ... Law procedure the Council of Ministers , including've done . ..Sayısız auctions have made over 65 percent of
-Business ... stop ... Where the public interest by the decision of the Court ? Where's the responsibility ? When a job is the result of two years of court decisions that
'will happen'Is it because we wait ...
-New regulations are coming. Now, these types of judgments within 3 months culminated with ...
-Public services do not take responsibility 3rd chamber of the barrier inserted into the must ... \"
Ankara Melih and municipal councils have chosen , preferences entrusted to them have ... to work, even if well , will you not come to accept as friends ...
courts should decide the appropriateness ... this matter to the Constitutional Court this week to decide the appropriateness taken on different topics ...
administrative courts are starting to personal application pertinence the decision of the Constitutional Court decisions ... can not wait hope and curiosity . \"

Restu Ankapark from Melih on Twitter" comments for.


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