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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:49

Retired Gen. Bashar'Flying without wings'The Book of Signs

Retired Gen. Bashar'Flying without wings'The Book of Signs
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Sivas who retired General Edip Baser Gürün visit the'Flying without Wings'signing of her book was flooded with visitors .

Sivas news: Photo Asef Shepherd Cultural show center in organized signing the citizens of intense interest , was composed of young people the majority of the crowd. labor which emphasized the importance of the Turkish language in Photo Talk Edip Baser, \"Great Leader Atatürk's national language as the national language has come a society , freedom after a nation for a while , it loses the ability to be independent and honorable society. the Great Leader of this on the anniversary of 76'ınc the onset of eternal life in the construction of her and of the Republic and to survive to this day, blood and sweat those of respect, gratitude and God's mercy, remembering , I bow respectfully in front of precious memories. \"he said. Photo Book signing event of the then lush County District about the work done by visiting the Gendarmerie Command of Gendarmerie Commander Captain Murat Güler received information from retired General Edip Baser , then personnel together posed for a souvenir photo . Following the Mayor's visit Nami farmer gave dinner to honor Edip Baser .

Retired Gen. Bashar'Flying without wings'The Book of Signs" comments for.


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