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  • 30 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:32

Return Density Start in Kocaeli

Return Density Start in Kocaeli
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A public holiday in the country began to pass and return from today drives, Kocaeli section of the TEM motorway viaduct Bekirder time to time in the density causes is experiencing .

Kocaeli news: Bayram holidays in the countryside pass and from today turn starting drivers of the TEM highway Kocaeli in the chapter Bekirder viaduct from time to time densities resulted in a happening .
Eid al-Fitr holidays in the countryside to spend Istanbul leaving citizens the goto experienced traffic ordeal reinserting to early return path for input. Country road with drivers coming from the vehicle , the direction of Istanbul's TEM highway to be experienced from time to time causing densities . TEM highway section where traffic jams are one of the most Bekirder from 3 lanes of traffic on the two lane viaduct due to the reduction in vehicle density began to occur from time to time . Majority of the traffic in the normal course flows observed Bekirder viaduct in places density continues .
Public holiday at the start of the D-100 and TEM long queues at the formation of Kocaeli Governorship return traffic for more to take measures pushed . Traffic density on Thursday and Friday are expected to further concentration in Kocaeli permissions of traffic policemen has been canceled. Many parts of the TEM and E-100 will be forwarded to the support team said.
Governorship of Kocaeli , Ankara, Istanbul direction coming from the direction of the vehicle that will go to the drivers were warned in advance . Governor's Office , East turnstiles in Izmit , Bursa and Yalova in the Izmir-from the direction of vehicle drivers , TEM from three lanes to two lanes on the ramp dropped a portion of which will occur Bekirder warned to be careful because of the intensity . In the alert, drivers stuck in traffic, be patient , overtaking failure and safety lane use at the point to be careful was asked .
The other hand, TEM Kocaeli section Bekirder ramp and D-100 a potential for property damage accidents in the road is completely off and immediate intervention can be It was learned that the teams stand ready .

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